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Chapter 1014: 1014

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The court officials and their family members were shocked to see the Emperor’s sudden change of expression, accompanied by the intimidating aura that radiated off him in waves.

His anger, however, placated Lu Liangwei, and she tugged on his sleeve. “I want to go over there.”

Only then did Long Yang’s menacing air vanish, and he bent over and scooped her into his arms.

Under the eyes of the crowd, he carried her nonchalantly and strode toward the part of the wood where the peach blossoms had bloomed the most brilliantly.

Ling Lihua was arm in arm with the Dowager Duchess, and neither of them went after them.

They were both glad that the Emperor cared for Weiwei that much.

Their keen eyes had naturally noticed all the maidens stealing secret glances at the Emperor.

The Emperor’s public display of affection toward Weiwei was not only a demonstration of his fondness for her, but also a warning.

Both of them clearly sensed a significant decrease in the number of prying eyes after that.

With the Emperor’s departure, the ominous pressure that had been weighing down on everyone’s heads instantly dissipated, and they collectively heaved a sigh of relief.

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The court officials gathered around the Grand Duke, while the womenfolk surrounded the Dowager Duchess and Ling Lihua, making small talk with them and showering them with praises of how fortunate they were.

Ling Lihua, being the aloof person she was, had never been fond of socializing with these high-society wives. The Dowager Duchess, on the other hand, was a social butterfly, and though she loathed sycophants like these people, dealing with them was like a walk in the park for her.

Ling Lihua stood beside the Dowager Duchess, watching over her. Just then, she sensed someone staring at her from her left.

She looked over in that direction, only to meet a pair of scrutinizing eyes that had failed to avert their gaze in time.

Next to that person was a beautiful woman with a sickly, fragile air, which made her stand out from the crowd.

After taking a glance, Ling Lihua was about to withdraw her gaze when the two women approached her.

“Greetings, Grand Duchess.” Madam Li curtsied to her.

Ling Lihua acknowledged her with nothing but a distant, silent nod.

Madam Li scoffed inwardly.

What was with the superior act?

If her daughter had not been young and naive, Lu Liangwei would not have been here today!

Lu Liangwei just got lucky, that was all.

As Madam Li thought this to herself, she pretended not to notice Ling Lihua’s indifference and said, “This is my eldest daughter, Tong’er. Tong’er, hurry up and greet the Grand Duchess.”

“Greetings, Grand Duchess.” Li Tong’er dipped into an elegant curtsy.

Ling Lihua gestured for her to rise, but her voice maintained its iciness. “You may rise.”

Madam Li stared at her, taken aback. She had thought that Ling Lihua would offer at least a word of praise for Tong’er’s beauty, but she did not make a single comment at all.

“Huh? When did you come back, First Miss Li?”

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Just when Madam Li was feeling frustrated, there came an exclamation of surprise from beside her.

At the sound of the voice, everyone else also whipped around to look at Madam Li and her daughter.

When they saw Li Tong’er, amazement flashed in their eyes.

Madam Li was a little smug to see their reactions.

Her Tong’er used to be known in the imperial capital for her remarkable beauty.

“This is…”

Someone spoke up hesitantly.

Immediately, another woman who knew the truth turned to her and whispered the answer in her ear.

Soon, everyone came to know Li Tong’er’s identity, and their gazes on her grew more and more significant.

Who would have expected that First Miss Li, who had abandoned the Empress’s throne and eloped with another man, would return?

Ling Lihua did not recognize Li Tong’er. Long Yang had not selected his empress when she left the imperial capital, so she had no idea who Li Tong’er was.

However, the Dowager Duchess and Aunt Lan were fully aware of her identity.

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