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Chapter 1018: 1018

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She quickly lowered her head in quiet frustration.

Why did His Majesty have so many people by his side?

It would be to her advantage if it was only the two of them.

Just as she was wondering what to do next, the man who had been wholly unaffected by her presence suddenly strode forward.

She held her breath, thinking that he had finally taken interest in her fragile, pitiful being. She could not hide the smile from her face.

Just as she reached her hand out to him, the noble man walked past her and went straight to the area behind her.

The smile remained frozen on her face while her hand was suspended oddly in the air.

She quickly put her hand down when she realized what had just happened.

She was glad His Majesty did not notice what she had just done.

Unable to resist, she turned to look behind her, spotting a young girl walking toward them from not far away. The girl was heavily pregnant and even her loose dress could not hide her huge belly.

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The girl was young and very beautiful. Every move she made was elegant.

His Majesty had approached the girl and took her hand.

She leaned into him, comfortable and at ease.

His Majesty tall figure made her look small and captivating.

Li Tong’er suddenly felt a little envious and some speculations in her mind became clearer.

She wondered what His Majesty had said to the girl. For the girl had looked up at him and smiled.

Li Tong’er’s expression darkened.

It was not difficult to guess who the girl was.

She also felt disappointed at the same time.

Li Tong’er had fallen to the ground and no one had yet to help her up. His Majesty did not bother offering her any aid, yet was already doting on Lu Liangwei.

She felt jealous and rueful at the sight.

If Li Tong’er had not been fooled by Wu Sheng’s sweet words, she would be the one next to His Majesty right now, enjoying all his love and pampering.


She clenched her teeth, feeling a great wave of regret.

The lavatory was not far away and she suddenly realized why His Majesty had been waiting there.

A look of incredulity flashed across her face.

He was the noble leader of this country, yet he was willing to personally wait outside the lavatory all because of Lu Liangwei?

The realization sent a shock wave through Li Tong’er. At the same time, the information did not sit well with her.

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Li Tong’er was about to turn her gaze away when her eyes met the gaze of the female guard in black.

The woman was staring coldly at her. She had a stony expression, but Li Tong’er somehow felt that the woman was laughing at her.

The sharp staring from the female guard was unbearable and Li Tong’er quickly lowered her head.

What had she done wrong?

The seat of the Empress was supposed to be hers in the first place.

Now, she had never even thought about snatching back the Empress title. All she wanted was for His Majesty to accept her as a concubine.

She was not a greedy and ambitious woman.


Long Yang had wrapped his arms around Lu Liangwei. While they were walking away, Lu Liangwei noticed Li Tong’er sitting on the ground. She gave Long Yang a questioning look.

Long Yang said with indifference, “It’s no one important.”

Lu Liangwei nodded.

When Lu Liangwei saw Li Tong’er’s face clearly, she was taken aback by her beauty.

Of course, Lu Liangwei did not think that Li Tong’er was prettier than she was.

It was just that they were different types of beauty.

The fragile beauty often described in books probably referred to women like the one in front of Lu Liangwei.

The woman who was sitting on the ground looked to be hurt, but she was not disheveled. However, she was pale and skinny, giving off a vibe of weakness. She was the epitome of what a sickly beauty should be.

She also looked quite young and it was difficult to tell her age.

She was probably the daughter of one of the officials.

As His Majesty chose to ignore the woman, Lu Liangwei decided to mind her own business too.

Just as they were about to leave, a middle-aged couple came rushing toward them.

It was Vice Minister Li and Madam Li.

Both of them immediately bowed when they saw Long Yang and Lu Liangwei.

Long Yang nodded and did not give them a second look. He had his arms around Lu Liangwei and was about to leave. Madam Li immediately called out loud when she saw this, “Tong’er, are you alright? Are you hurt badly?”

She sounded anxious and her words were full of concern.

Lu Liangwei was surprised. That sickly beauty was Li Tong’er?

Long Qingzhi had mentioned this person to her before, which was why Lu Liangwei was aware of the name.

It had never crossed her mind that the woman was her.

She looked really young and no one would guess that she was already twenty-eight.

A thought crossed Lu Liangwei’s mind and she immediately looked at Long Yang.

So, His Majesty already knew who she was? Why did he pretend to not know her?

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