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Chapter 1032: They Will Get Their Retribution   

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Compared to Madam Gao, whose thoughts were in complete disarray, the woman next to her was much calmer.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of even if she had overheard us. We didn’t say anything wrong.”

Despite that, Madam Gao was still worried.

Lin Qingyao was the daughter of Minister Lin, after all, and she was the Empress’ best friend.

Many wives and daughters from renowned families in the imperial capital were brawling with each other to get close to her.

This was also why Madam Gao had extended an invitation to her for the Flower Admiring Banquet.

However, Madam Gao had not expected things to end this way.

Madam Gao regretted how it turned out.

Lin Qingyuan headed straight for the Palace after she left the Gao Family’s holiday home.


She had witnessed a good show today and simply had to share it with Lu Liangwei.

Meanwhile, Madam Li and Li Tong’er had gone back to the Li Mansion in a huff after getting chased out by Madam Gao.


After cooling her head, Madam Li thought back about the events that had transpired today. The more she thought about it, the more she felt something did not feel right.

Someone was obviously trying to ruin Tong’er’s reputation.


Who would be so vile as to make up terrible stories like that?

Li Tong’er and Madam Li mulled over this together.

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They did not offend anyone in the imperial capital.

Could someone be jealous of them for being so high-profile during the last few days?

The thought of this made Madam Li’s temper flare.

“Some people will always think ill of those doing well. They will get their retribution!”

However, Li Tong’er thought of another possibility.

She bit her lip. “Mother, I might be standing in someone’s way.”

Madam Li immediately knew who she was referring to and was shocked. However, at deeper thought, it did not seem impossible.

Could the culprit be using such despicable tactics because she felt threatened by Tong’er?

She clenched her teeth at this thought and said spitefully, “I would guess that this person has been pushed to a corner. Don’t worry, Tong’er. The more she tries to oppress us, the more leverage we have to push back. If she’s acting this anxiously, it must be because you mean something to His Majesty. We need to find an opportunity to meet the emperor. When that time comes, all your troubles will vanish.”

Li Tong’er did not feel as optimistic as Madam Li did. Something just did not feel right about this.

Madam Li finally tossed aside her grouchy mood caused by Madam Gao and was now quite cheerful. She pulled her daughter’s hand and they returned home.

She needed to discuss the next step with her husband.

However, the moment they stepped into their house, they saw that a few servants were packing up and leaving.

The rest of the servants were moving several things in and out.

Both mother and daughter were stunned to see this.

What was happening?

Madam Li gave a start and tugged on the cloth bundle on a servant to ask, “What’s going on? Who ordered you to leave?”

The servant sighed. “Madam, His Majesty has given the edict to demote Master. He has to head to Wuhe immediately to take up a new post. Master told us that it’s a small place and he doesn’t need so many servants, so he paid my wages and told me to search for a job at another place.”

Madam Li’s vision turned black and she almost fell over.

Li Tong’er quickly helped her steady herself. “Mother?”

Madam Li collected herself and pushed away Li Tong’er’s hands before rushing inside the house.

Li Tong’er followed behind.

When they got to the front hall, they saw Li Wei sitting dejectedly on the chair, his expression despondent.

“What happened? Why did His Majesty demote you?” Madam Li was angry to see her husband behaving this way and her tone was accusatory despite not knowing what had happened. Her voice was sharp and shrill.

Li Wei had already been feeling upset, and when he heard his wife’s interrogative tone, his temper finally flared and he exploded.

He stood up and gave his wife a sharp slap as he roared, “Stupid woman!”


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