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Chapter 1035: He Had Been Quite Disciplined For A Long Time   

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“From the looks of it, those rumors might not be false. Li Tong’er might have behaved indecently and her husband found out about it, which was why she was divorced,” Lin Qingyuan said matter-of-factly, as if she had witnessed this with her own eyes.

Lu Liangwei felt exasperated by Lin Qingyuan’s wild imagination. “That’s enough. Aren’t both of you tired from saying so much?”

“I’m not tired at all. I still have a lot to say about Li Tong’er,” Lin Qingyuan replied with gusto.

Zhu Yu nodded. “If I bump into this brazen woman again, I will throw rotten eggs at her. She’s just too shameless.”

Lin Qingyuan felt the same way and said somewhat regretfully, “It’s a shame I didn’t have rotten eggs with me at the Gao Family’s holiday home. I would have thrown them at her.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched when she saw them getting more and more excited as the conversation prolonged.

“If both of you dislike her so much, there’s still time. The Li Family is leaving the imperial capital today. You can both head to the city gates together and stop her from leaving. That way, you can pelt as many rotten eggs at her as you want,” Lu Liangwei replied earnestly.

“That’s true.” Zhu Yu knocked herself on the head. “I’ll prepare the rotten eggs right now. I guarantee they will leave in a cloud of foul odor.”

“Good idea!” Lin Qingyuan agreed.

Lu Liangwei was exasperated.

These two crazy women!


She decided not to hang out with them anymore lest it lowered the intelligence of the baby in her womb.

Lin Qingyuan and Zhu Yu gave a start when they realized she had already walked away from them, and they quickly gave chase. However, a sword suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking their way.

Lin Qingyuan was stunned as she stared at Chu Jiu’s emotionless expression. “What are you doing?”

“Yeah, Jiu, why are you standing in our way?” Zhu Yu was puzzled. Jiu had even taken out her sword.

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“You’re being too noisy,” Chu Jiu shot them a condescending look. These two had not even noticed that the Empress was having a headache because of the noise they were making and they were still chatting away loudly.

It was not just the Empress, Chu Jiu also found their chattering painful to her ears.

“We were being angry on behalf of the Empress,” Lin Qingyuan said huffily.

“I was just feeling aggrieved on Miss’s behalf because someone was trying to seduce His Majesty,” Zhu Yu said indignantly. She was still furious, especially when she found out that Li Tong’er had purposely fallen in front of His Majesty in an attempt to seduce him. She was angry on her mistress’s behalf.

“If you want to continue scolding her, just do it here. Don’t do it in front of the Empress.” Chu Jiu stowed her sword away after warning them, then chased after Lu Liangwei, leaving the two of them behind to look at each other.

Chu Jiu caught up to Lu Liangwei very soon.

She snuck a look at Lu Liangwei’s calm expression. She could tell that the Empress was not affected by Li Tong’er at all.

In the eyes of Her Highness, Li Tong’er was nothing but an unimportant jester.

Chu Jiu felt relieved and followed behind Lu Liangwei quietly.

Lu Liangwei looked quite carefree.

She walked slowly and found herself suddenly at the imperial study.

Looking at the study in front of her, she planned to turn back and return to Grand Phoenix Palace.

However, she changed her mind at the thought of what the Emperor looked like when he was focusing on handling administrative work.

The servants outside the imperial study were about to bow and greet her when she quickly stopped them.

They stepped to the side and Lu Liangwei entered the imperial study quietly.

Long Yang was sitting behind the imperial table inside the study. He was busy marking Palace Memorials while Zhao Qian stood by his side.

The entire imperial study was quiet.

Zhao Qian was about to say something when she entered, then he saw her shushing him by placing her finger on her lips.

Zhao Qian caught on and left the room quietly.

Long Yang was completely focused on his work and did not realize someone had walked into his room until he felt a soft body lean against his back.

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