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Chapter 1036: Her Fingers Hooked His Chin In A Flirty Manner  

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Long Yang immediately knew it was Lu Liangwei.

She was the only person in the whole world who would act so shamelessly.

The serious look on his face relaxed and his expression was now filled with tenderness. He allowed the girl to lean against his back.

Lu Liangwei’s chin was on his shoulder and her fingers gently brushed his eyebrow.

Long Yang grabbed her playful fingers and asked gently, “What are you suddenly doing here?”

“I came to check if His Majesty is hiding a beauty in here,” Lu Liangwei said in a serious tone.

Long Yang smiled. “Did you find the beauty?”

“Yes, I did,” Lu Liangwei said brightly.

Long Yang raised an eyebrow. “Where is she? How did I not know about her?”

“It’s you.” Lu Liangwei teased. Her fingers hooked his chin in a flirty manner and she kissed him on the lips.

Long Yang’s breathing turned erratic as he grabbed her beautiful wrist. He pulled her onto his lap and placed the girl between himself and the imperial table. Then he lowered his head to kiss her.


A long moment passed before Lu Liangwei was able to nuzzle into his arms breathlessly, looking a little flustered.

“I see you came all the way here just to seduce me,” Long Yang said cheerfully.

Lu Liangwei was embarrassed now. “No, I didn’t.”

“Then what did you mean by your actions just now?”

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“Ijust suddenly missed you.” Lu Liangwei was unable to give any other answer and finally said this while blushing furiously.

Her answer greatly pleased Long Yang.

Without warning, he carried her in his arms and headed toward the direction behind them.

Lu Liangwei realized what he was about to do and quickly struggled while hissing with a hint of anger, “Don’t you dare do anything.”

Long Yang saw how she was panicking and found this funny. “Why are you being so nervous? Do you think I’m about to do something to you?”

Lu Liangwei bit her lip. “Then what are you planning to do?”

“I plan to sleep with you, of course,” Long Yang replied matter-of-factly. However, he had said the word ‘sleep’ coyly. Before she could say anything, he added, “I’m feeling a little tired. Come accompany me for a nap.”

Lu Liangwei finally lowered her voice when she heard this. She said gently, “If you’re tired, you should put me down.”

Her stomach was quite large now, and she must be really heavy.

Long Yang laughed softly, as if he knew what was going through her mind. “You’re not heavy at all.”

When they entered the inner room, Long Yang placed Lu Liangwei on the bed while he lay next to her side, fully clothed.

Lu Liangwei had planned to take an afternoon nap earlier, but Lin Qingyuan had dropped by and she lost the chance to do so.

Now that her head had hit the pillow, she suddenly felt quite drowsy.

Pregnant women would get tired easily and this was quite apparent with Lu Liangwei.

When Long Yang saw how sleepy she was, he gently patted her back. “Go on and sleep if you’re tired.”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei mumbled as she stuck close to him in a dependent manner.

It was not long before she drifted to sleep.

Long Yang felt slightly sleepy as well when he listened to her rhythmic breathing.

However, he had always been self-disciplined and only slept for half an hour before waking up.

He covered up Lu Liangwei properly after he got up and continued with his work.

Lu Liangwei slept until it turned dark before slowly waking up.

As she looked around the slightly unfamiliar room, it took her quite a while before realizing she was in the back room of the imperial study. This was where Long Yang usually rested.

She got up carefully as she pushed herself up from the bed.

She stepped down to put on her shoes.

The moment she walked out, she immediately spotted the man on the imperial chair marking Palace Memorials seriously.

She did not want to disturb him and was about to leave when he spotted her.

He flung the brush in his hand aside and walked toward her.


Lu Liangwei nodded and asked, “Did I interrupt you?”

“No, you didn’t.” Long Yang shook his head. He took the cloak by his side and wrapped it around her. “It’s dark and it’s cold outside. Put this on.”

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