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Chapter 1040: Long Yang Was A Little Worried Inside  

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Long Yang burst out laughing. “Aren’t they supposed to be for me?”

“Well, you didn’t want them,” Lu Liangwei’s voice was muffled as she took a bite of meat.

After swallowing it, she stared at Long Yang’s tall physique and asked in perplexion, “How did you grow so tall by eating so little?”

“With enough nutrition, you can naturally grow taller. It’s not really related to eating more or less.” Long Yang gazed at her gently. “You, on the other hand, eat a lot, but why are you still so thin?” Her stomach was growing bigger every day, but she had barely gained any facial fat.

Sometimes, his heart ached at the sight of her supporting the weight of her huge belly.

“Are you complaining that I eat too much?” Lu Liangwei chewed on a piece of meat as she deliberately twisted his words.

“Nonsense!” Thinking of something, Long Yang suddenly said jokingly, “With all my assets, feeding you won’t be a problem at all! No matter how much you eat, I can still provide for you.” He then used his chopsticks to fill her bowl with more food.

Even if he was not the one eating, he sometimes found it enjoyable to watch her eat.

The way she ate was not uncouth, but it was still different from how other women ate. She was always able to make the food appear extra appealing, and she radiated a kind of contagious enjoyment that stimulated the appetites of those around her.

Lu Liangwei could not help cracking up. “Spoken like a true rich man, Your Majesty!”

Long Yang laughed too. Noticing that she was particularly fond of the braised rabbit that night, he placed a few more pieces into her bowl. “Eat more.”

To his surprise, Lu Liangwei shook her head and set down her chopsticks. “I can’t eat anymore. Eating too much meat at night can easily lead to weight gain.”

“Well, I certainly hope to see you gain weight.”

Lu Liangwei caressed her protruding belly and said in concern, “I’m talking about the baby.” She was now in the final stage of pregnancy – the stage where the baby grew the fastest. In fact, she had already been controlling her daily nutrient intake for fear that she would experience difficult labor.

Long Yang got up and sat next to her. He reached out and stroked her belly, and though his face remained calm, he was also a little worried inside.

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Some time ago, he had ordered Zhao Qian to find the best midwife, and he had even asked Imperial Physician Wu, who specialized in gynecology, to extend his stay in the palace in case of an emergency.

Looking at the pieces of meat in her bowl, Lu Liangwei suddenly picked up her chopsticks, plucked a piece, and brought it to his lips. “Let’s not waste food. Help me finish them, Your Majesty.”

“All right.” Long Yang opened his mouth and ate the rabbit meat she fed to him.

Lu Liangwei stared at his flawless features, then suddenly commented, “You seem to have lost a bit of weight recently, Your Majesty.”

“Have I? But I’ve always been like this.” Long Yang slowly ate the remaining pieces of meat in her bowl.

Lu Liangwei was certain he had.

Lately, her feet had started to swell, and she had to wear shoes one size larger than usual. She had also been getting frequent cramps at night, and she would always try to keep quiet for fear of disturbing the Emperor’s sleep. However, he would sense her discomfort right away every time, and he would wake up and massage her until she felt more relaxed.

The Emperor’s acuity could only mean that he had been sleeping with one eye open for the whole night.

When Long Yang had finished the food, he found Lu Liangwei staring at himself. He paused before asking, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I think you’ve gotten hotter, Your Majesty.” Suppressing the mixed emotions in her heart, Lu Liangwei batted her lashes at him and replied with a grin.

Long Yang pulled her into his arms. “Why are you showering me with compliments? Are you feeling guilty because you’ve done something wrong, huh?”

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