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Chapter 1064: 1064

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He thought about this over and over, and finally, his thoughts came to Lu Liangwei.

Of course! His Majesty adored the Second Miss so much. If she were to plead the case to him, His Majesty would surely change his mind.

At the thought of this new plan, Xu Chen’s darkened eyes immediately lit up as he turned to run toward the Palace.

He had Lu Tingchen’s token of authority with him and it would not be difficult to get into the Palace.

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei woke up from her sleep and stared at the bed’s upper netting in a daze for a while before using her hand to slowly push herself to a sitting position.

She squeezed the spot between her eyes and wondered if she was feeling uncomfortable after sleeping too long.

She did not call for Zhu Yu, but slowly slid across the edge of the bed and got down to put on her shoes.

Zhu Yu was standing guard outside and figured her mistress should have woken up by now, so she pushed the doors open.

She confirmed her mistress was awake when she entered to see Lu Liangwei sitting in front of the dressing table.

Long Yang had let her hair down while she was sleeping to make her more comfortable.

Lu Liangwei picked up a comb. She wanted to comb her hair on her own, but Zhu Yu had stepped in after she ran the comb through her hair twice.

“Miss, why didn’t you call for me when you woke up?” Zhu Yu walked in quickly and took the comb from Lu Liangwei’s hand.

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Lu Liangwei smiled. “It’s just combing my hair. I can do it myself.”

Zhu Yu did not agree. “You’re pregnant now, Miss, and it’s already quite tough on you. I should be helping you with minor chores like this, otherwise, there would be no use for me being here.”

“Why would there be no use for you?” Lu Liangwei chuckled.

“I would no longer deserve to be called your maidservant because I would be paid for nothing.” Zhu Yu started combing her hair gently.

She used the right amount of strength and Lu Liangwei enjoyed the sensation under her hands.

Lu Liangwei looked at Zhu Yu through the mirror with a small smile. “Your energy should be used on Brother Chu Yi.”

Zhu Yu pouted. “Miss is making fun of me again. Brother Chu Yi is pretty busy. He doesn’t have time for me at all.”

“I think it’s the other way round. You’re the one ignoring him,” Lu Liangwei teased.

Zhu Yu was about to say something when they heard noises coming from outside.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass Her Highness’ bedroom!” a servant shouted sharply.

“Second Miss, Second Miss, I’m Xu Chen who serves by the side of Presumptive Heir Lu…”

They heard someone roaring words with all his might.

Lu Liangwei and Zhu Yu were shocked.

However, the voice suddenly vanished in no time.

Lu Liangwei gave a start and said to Zhu Yu, “Hurry outside and find out what happened.”

Zhu Yu quickly put down the comb and darted out.

She saw Chu Jiu dragging a man away.

Zhu Yu recognized the man.

That was the personal guard of Heir Presumptive Lu, Xu Chen.

She got anxious and quickly ran in front of Chu Jiu to stop her. She frowned and said, “Jiu, what are you doing? He’s Heir Presumptive Lu’s personal guard.”

“This man’s identity is unknown and he has trespassed the Empress’s bedroom. Would you take responsibility if he happened to be an assassin? Get out of the way now!” Chu Jiu may look expressionless, but she was feeling quite nervous.

This man had suddenly barged in and, before she could react, he was already shouting.

She had to take care of him before Her Highness came out.

Zhu Yu refused to budge. “Jiu, he really is the personal guard of Heir Presumptive Lu. Her Highness has met him before. He must be reporting an emergency if he’s barging in like that. You’re going to upset Her Highness by doing this. You know very well that Her Highness and Heir Presumptive Lu are very close. She has been waiting for him to return for ages.”

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