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Chapter 1066: 1066

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He got even more upset when he recalled Heir Presumptive Lu’s red eyes.

“Heir Presumptive Lu gave me the order to return and report the situation to His Majesty, hoping that he would send the Grand Duchess and Second Miss to the frontier, but for some reason, His Majesty rejected my request and has only agreed for Chief Physician Lin to be sent there. The situation at the frontier is quite serious and I’m afraid no other physician but the Grand Duchess can do anything about it. On top of that, if the soldiers die, Danjue and the Yan Kingdom might conduct a military attack. This will put the Great Shang in danger and we will suffer a heavy toll.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips pressed tightly together. It was no wonder the imperial court session today had taken so long to end.

It was because of this!

Her brother would never have requested His Majesty for her to head there if the situation at the frontier was not incredibly serious.

The soldiers and the people at the frontier now were in grave danger.

However, His Majesty refused to send her mother over.

His Majesty had always been benevolent and would never sit by and watch his soldiers and people suffer.

Moreover, this involved the safety of Great Shang.

Just as Xu Chen had said, if the plague infecting the soldiers at the frontier was not brought under control, Danjue and the Yan Kingdom would take the opportunity to attack once news got out. If that came to pass, they would lose the frontier while the soldiers and commoners would lose their lives. This would put Great Shang in jeopardy.

His Majesty must have already considered this.

Even though she was not sure of the type of sickness plaguing the soldiers, it must be quite a difficult situation if all the army and commoner physicians were unable to do anything about it. Her mother was probably the only person in the world who could resolve this.

As for Lu Liangwei, she was about to give birth in less than a month. It was a long journey to the frontier and if left now, she might have to give birth on the road before she reached the site.

As such, it was not an option for her to go regardless of how anxious she felt about it.

Right now, her mother was clearly the most suitable person to head to the frontier.

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However, His Majesty had denied her brother’s request.

She understood why he had made the decision.

Lu Liangwei was extremely touched to know that His Majesty placed her at a higher importance than the country. However, this made her upset as well.

It was easy to imagine how tortured he must have felt to choose between her and his soldiers when he made the decision of whether to send her mother to the frontier.

He had come to have his lunch with her as usual during the afternoon, even pretending nothing had happened when he accompanied her for a nap.

Such a huge issue had presented itself and he chose to shoulder it all by himself. He did not even reveal anything in front of her.

He must have felt so tormented to sacrifice the lives of his soldiers.

His Majesty was so silly!

She sighed heavily.

He had chosen to be tortured over this rather than share his troubles with her.

“Xu Chen, I will get Chu Jiu to see you out of the Palace. I’ll speak to His Majesty about this.” Lu Liangwei gathered her thoughts and said seriously to Xu Chen.

While Xu Chen was relieved, he began to worry as well.

The Second Miss’s belly was really huge. If the Grand Duchess left for the frontier and something happened to the Second Miss…

If Heir Presumptive Lu had seen how the Second Miss looked like now, he probably would not have made the request to His Majesty either.

The lives of all the soldiers were now in his hands alone. No one could imagine the immense pressure he must be facing. Heir Presumptive Lu might even have forgotten the fact that Second Miss was about to give birth.

Lu Liangwei walked out of the little medicinal room and watched Xu Chen leave Grand Phoenix Palace with Chu Jiu.

Zhu Yu came forward and asked anxiously, “Miss, did something happen to Heir Presumptive Lu?”

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