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Chapter 1067: 1067

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“No, he’s fine.” Lu Liangwei came back to her senses and smiled to console her. “By the way, didn’t the imperial kitchen send over some snacks? Pack them up and follow me to the imperial study.”

Zhu Yu wanted to ask more questions, but when she saw her Miss was not willing to say more, she decided to put her curiosity on hold first. “Alright, I will pack them now.”

The imperial study.

When Lu Liangwei arrived, Long Yang was in discussion with Chief Physician Lin.

She was never required to announce herself whenever she stopped by the imperial study, which was why she overheard their conversation when she entered the room. They had mentioned the situation of the soldiers at the frontier.

Long Yang immediately stopped the conversation when he saw her arrive. He got up and went straight to her. “What are you doing here?”

Lu Liangwei took the basket of food from Zhu Yu. “The imperial kitchen had sent over some freshly prepared snacks. They are still warm and I wanted to enjoy them with you.”

Long Yang smiled. He took the basket from her with one hand and held her hand with another as they walked into the room.

Chief Physician Lin immediately said when he saw the Empress arrive, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave, Your Majesty.”

“Alright, you may leave first.” Long Yang nodded subtly.

Chief Physician Lin left.

Long Yang placed the basket on the table. It was only after opening the basket that he saw a pot of floral tea beside the plate of exquisite snacks.

He paused a moment before taking them out of the basket one by one. He took two cups and poured out the floral tea.

The fragrance of chrysanthemum immediately wafted out of it. It smelled fresh and elegant, and was quite soothing.

Lu Liangwei sat down at the table and said, “This is Wolfberry and Chrysanthemum Tea. It is good for the liver and eyes. You should drink more of it, Your Majesty. It’s good for you.”

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Long Yang did not oppose. He picked up the cup and drank a huge mouthful.

Lu Liangwei ate a piece of snack and sipped a mouthful of tea. She did not dare to drink too much.

Wolfberry and Chrysanthemum Tea might be good for cooling the body and brightening the eyes, but it was not suited for pregnant women to drink too much of it.

Long Yang had never enjoyed snacks, but he accompanied her to have one.

Husband and wife enjoyed the floral tea together without being disturbed. It was a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

However, Lu Liangwei suddenly turned to look at him. She thought for a while before saying, “Your Majesty, send my mother to the frontier.”

The look on Long Yang’s face changed. The first thought that came to his mind was which wretched servant had told her about the frontier.

He clenched his fists, trying not to lose his temper. “Weiwei, did you overhear some gossip? There’s no need for you to worry about this. You’re about to give birth, and you should focus on taking care of yourself and the baby. I will take care of everything else.”

Lu Liangwei’s laid her tender fingers onto the back of Long Yang’s hand, holding it gently. “Your Majesty, there is no need to hide this from me. I know everything. You don’t need to keep my mother in the imperial capital for my sake. Let her go to the frontier along with my father. The soldiers at the frontier need her more than I do.”


There was no longer any need to hide it from her now that she had found out everything, but Long Yang was still determined. “I have already made my decision about this. There is no need for you to involve yourself in this, Weiwei.”

“Your Majesty…” Lu Liangwei began to be coquettish.

Long Yang looked away. “There is no need for you to say anything more, Weiwei. I will not change my mind.”

Lu Liangwei frowned and looked at him sharply. “Your Majesty, do you want me to be berated by others for causing a catastrophe?”

“This has nothing to do with you, why would I allow something like that to affect your reputation?” Long Yang turned to her, frowning.

“You can’t hide this for long. My mother is in the imperial capital but you refuse to let her go to the frontier. Our officials aren’t stupid. It would be easy for them to guess that you’re doing it for my sake. When the right time comes, they will be voicing their disdain for me inherently. I do not wish to shoulder such blame from them.” Lu Liangwei analyzed the situation and explained how it would become a disadvantage to her while talking softly to him.

“This would not happen. If they dare say anything against you, I’ll just kill them.” A vicious look flashed across his face.

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