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Chapter 1069: 1069

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“If you still won’t issue the edict, I’ll go to the frontier myself. It’s either me or my mother – your choice.” She slid off his lap, her tone determined. “Don’t think you can keep me confined. If I insist on going, I’ll always find a way.”

A flicker of pain crossed Long Yang’s eyes, and for a while, he did not reply.

Lu Liangwei could see the conflict and agony on his face.

If possible, she would never wish to force the Emperor.

The Emperor was never an indecisive person.

He was a diligent and resolute emperor, but when it came to her, he would start to waver.

Making him become like that was the last thing she wanted.

Besides, it would be too great of a burden to him. He was a good emperor, but he would have to shoulder the weight of infamy for her sake.

This incident would undoubtedly be recorded in Great Shang’s history. Later generations would condemn the Emperor for being incompetent, and the incident would leave a stigma upon his political achievements.

The Emperor had always strived for the kingdom and even led it into an age of unprecedented prosperity. A wonderful ruler like him should not deserve such ill repute.

“Your Majesty, please send my mother to the frontier.” Her heart softening, Lu Liangwei abruptly reached out and cradled his head in her arms, coaxing softly.

Long Yang leaned his head against the girl’s chest in silence.

Just when Lu Liangwei thought that he was going to ignore her forever, he suddenly raised his head. His deep eyes were bloodshot, and his voice was dreadfully hoarse. “Weiwei, we don’t know for sure if your mother can cure the soldiers, but if she stays in the imperial capital, she can definitely ensure your safety.”

“Junzhi.” For the first time, Lu Liangwei uttered his personal name in such a grave manner. “I’ll be fine, I promise. Of course, we still don’t know what kind of disease the soldiers contracted and whether or not my mother can cure them, but I believe that with her skills, she can definitely help bring the disease under control faster and more efficiently and reduce the spread of infection among the soldiers.”

After a long silence, Long Yang finally nodded in approval. “Very well. I’ll issue an edict commanding your parents to go to the frontier together tomorrow.”

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“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Overjoyed, Lu Liangwei gazed at him, her eyes shining with gratitude.

Long Yang, however, could not bring himself to match her delight.

He knew that it was terribly selfish of him to sacrifice the soldiers for the sake of his wife and children, but other than being the Emperor, he was also an ordinary man and husband.

All he wanted was to protect his wife and children.

However, the soldiers were just as innocent as they were.

They had fought hard to defend Great Shang, and they did not deserve to meet their end so miserably.

He unclenched his fist slowly, then lifted a hand and stroked Lu Liangwei’s hair, saying gently, “Why don’t you go back first? I still have some matters to handle, so I won’t be seeing you off.”

“All right.” Lu Liangwei nodded obediently. She knew that he still had a lot to deal with and did not intend to bother him any further, so she took the food basket from the table and headed outside.

Since the Emperor had promised her, he would definitely issue the edict.

She trusted him!

When she reached the door, she could not help looking back over her shoulder, only to see Long Yang still standing in place, his dark eyes gazing at her quietly.

She was momentarily stunned, but the sight of his bloodshot eyes made her heart ache, and she reminded him softly, “Remember to take care of yourself, Your Majesty. Don’t overexert yourself.”

“I’ll remember that.” Long Yang nodded, then watched her leave the imperial study.

After a while, he called out in a stern, intimidating voice, “Zhao Qian, pass down my word…”

Zhao Qian immediately walked in, and a moment later, left the palace with the imperial edict.

The Grand Duke Mansion.

After Zhao Qian had read out the imperial edict, it took Lu Hetian a while to come back to his senses and accept the scroll.

“Why did His Majesty…” He was puzzled and also disapproving.

Zhao Qian sighed. “The Empress found out and went to plead with His Majesty, and he eventually gave in to her.”

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