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Chapter 1079: 1079

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However, this was just a suspicion the officials had.

His Majesty had given his imperial edict and there was no chance they could overturn it.

Long Xuan understood why the officials would be suspicious of him, but he made no attempt to explain himself. It would be more practical to use actions to prove himself rather than words.

There was no change to the routine at the imperial court despite the rebellion of two vassal kings. The officials continued attending the imperial court every day and conducted their duties as usual.

The imperial capital was bustling just as usual.

When it came to the middle of the sixth month of the lunar month, it could be an effect of the weather, for Lu Liangwei was more irritable than usual.

However, she continued with her usual exercises every day.

Today was a gloomier day and she had walked one round about the imperial garden. She even walked up to the pavilion on the rockery. She planned to have a rest at the pavilion and enjoy the breeze, but the moment she sat on the stone bench, she felt a sharp pain coming from her stomach. The next thing she knew, she felt something warm flowing from her body.

Her dress was immediately drenched.

She quickly realized what was happening and turned pale. She took a deep breath and made herself look at Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu calmly, instructing them, “Help me back. I think I’m about to give birth.”

Perhaps it was because of her overly calm tone; both of them did not react to her instructions immediately.

“Don’t be anxious. Just help me up. There’s still time and we can take a slow walk back.”

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu had not experienced this before, which was why Lu Liangwei tried her best to sound calm in order not to frighten them.

Chu Jiu was the first to react. Her hand gripped her sword tightly as she calmed herself mentally before approaching Lu Liangwei and holding her arm. “I think it’s better that I carry you back, Your Highness.”


Lu Liangwei was aware that Chu Jiu was quite strong, but she was about to give birth and was worried that Chu Jiu might not be able to handle the task in her state of panic. So, she said, “It’s fine. Both of you can just help me walk back.” She felt another sharp pang of pain in her stomach as she said this.

This time, it was more painful than before.

She grimaced. Her entire face was covered in sweat.

The realization finally hit Zhu Yu as she clenched her fists. She carefully supported Lu Liangwei and held her other hand. “You’ll be fine, Miss. We’ll take you back right now.”

Lu Liangwei felt relieved when she saw both of them taking this in calmly.

They helped her slowly get up and walked her down from the rockery.

As Lu Liangwei was approaching her delivery date, Long Yang had already arranged for a few other palace maids who were proficient in martial arts to stay by Lu Liangwei’s side besides Chu Jiu and Zhu Yu in case of an emergency.

Those palace maids were waiting at the foot of the rockery when the three of them headed over.

Zhu Yu held onto Lu Liangwei’s arm while handing out instructions to the palace maids below. “Her Highness is about to give birth. Hurry up and inform His Majesty. Also, get Chief Physician Lin and Imperial Physician Wu, as well as the midwife. Get them all to be on standby at the Grand Phoenix Palace.”

Zhu Yu tried her best to quell the nervousness she felt and gave the instructions as calmly and clearly as she was able to.

The expressions on the palace maids changed when they heard this. They did not dare delay for even a moment and darted off in different directions. Only two palace maids were left behind to help Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu escort Lu Liangwei back to Grand Phoenix Palace.

It was lucky that Grand Phoenix Palace was not far from the imperial garden. Lu Liangwei got back there very soon.

However, by this time, she was drenched entirely in sweat.

Zhu Yu brought her a set of clean, loose clothes and helped her out of her drenched garments.

Chu Jiu had also brought some warm water and helped to wipe off the sweat on her face.

The servants in the palace were informed that the Empress was about to give birth. The situation was initially chaotic, but soon, everything fell into place and everyone was doing what they were supposed to.

The once quiet Palace was now noisy with commotion over the news that Lu Liangwei was about to give birth.

At the same time, Long Yang had just dismissed the imperial court and was walking out of the discussion hall when a palace maid came running toward him breathlessly. She shouted, “Your Majesty, Her Highness is about to give birth.”

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