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Chapter 1081: 1081

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Lu Liangwei winked playfully at him. “I was nervous at first, but once I saw you, I don’t feel nervous anymore.”

Long Yang finally let himself stop worrying and slowly relaxed when he saw her acting so playfully. “Are you hungry? Do you want to have something to eat first?”

He had heard that women giving birth would need to eat something to replenish their strength.

“I don’t have the appetite now.” Lu Liangwei shook her head.

Long Yang gave some thought and asked again, “Then do you want someone to bring your grandmother here to accompany you?”

“I think it’s best that she does not come. Grandmother is quite old and there is no need for her to worry. Besides, I’m just starting to have labor pains and our child won’t be born so quickly. We shouldn’t make Grandmother suffer over this.” Lu Liangwei shook her head, rejecting the offer.

Long Yang suddenly found himself without anything else to say.

He had always figured that Weiwei would be nervous and frightened on the day she went into labor, but she was being quite calm and collected unlike him.

“It’s enough for me that Your Majesty is by my side.” Lu Liangwei began to comfort him instead when she saw him being silent.

Long Yang laughed bitterly in his heart. He was the older one and yet, he could not compare to a young girl.


The midwives stopped worrying when they saw the Emperor and Empress chatting away happily.

Sometimes, the pregnant woman’s emotional state was important too.

The happier the pregnant woman was, the easier it was for her to give birth.


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Lu Liangwei suddenly cried out in pain as her petite face scrunched up. Long Yang got a scare from this.

He quickly got up and put his hands on her shoulders. “Weiwei, how are you feeling?” Before Lu Liangwei could say a word, he quickly instructed the servants, “Hurry and get Chief Physician Lin in here.”

A servant quickly ran out and pulled Chief Physician Lin inside.

Chief Physician Lin almost fell from being yanked so abruptly.

“Chief Physician Lin, she’s in great pain now. Hurry up and check on her.” Long Yang felt that Chief Physician Lin was acting too slowly and he strode over to personally pull him over.

Chief Physician Lin could barely breathe with the tight grip around his collar.

With some difficulty, he managed to get Long Yang to release him. He could not help rolling his eyes at Long Yang.

Which woman in labor would not experience pain?

Thankfully, Chief Physician Lin could still think rationally. He took a deep breath and explained to His Majesty, “There’s no need to be anxious, Your Majesty. Labor pains are something that every woman in labor has to experience.”

Lu Liangwei had composed herself by now and she was quite speechless at how His Majesty was acting.

Chief Physician Lin turned to smile at her. “Just bear with the pain, Your Highness. Everything will be fine. I’ll be standing by right outside the door. Just call me if anything happens.”

Her Highness was still a young lady, after all. Even though she had exceptional medical skills, this was her first labor. She must be feeling quite nervous and scared.

“Alright. Please rest outside while you wait, Chief Physician Lin.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

Chief Physician Lin gave her a fist and palm salute before leaving.

Long Yang stood where he was. He gave a puzzled look when he saw Lu Liangwei looking perfectly normal.

She was clearly in pain just a moment ago.

“Your Majesty, it was just a sudden stab of labor pain. It’s something that all women giving birth must go through. There’s nothing Chief Physician Lin can do even if you get him in here. I just need to bear with it,” Lu Liangwei explained.

Long Yang felt slightly embarrassed as he replied with a moody grunt, “Alright.”

However, he began to get uptight again when Lu Liangwei experienced the next bout of labor pain. “I’ll summon Chief Physician Lin to have a look at you.”

Lu Liangwei was in so much pain that she broke out in cold sweat, but she noticed that His Majesty was sweating more than she was from the corner of her eye, and she forced herself to calm down.

His Majesty felt even worse than she did when she was in pain.

Lu Liangwei tried her best to tolerate the next few bouts of labor pain.

The stabs got more frequent around midnight and she knew she was about to give birth. She pushed Long Yang away anxiously. “Get out of here, Your Majesty. You shouldn’t be here…”

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