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Chapter 1087: No Mercy Will Be Given

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Lu Liangwei was so focused on the two children that she did not notice the unusualness in Long Qingzhi’s behavior.

As her gaze flickered back and forth between the children in Long Qingzhi and Aunt Lan’s arms, she felt that she needed another pair of eyes.

Her eagerness was on full display on her face.

Everyone else in the bedchamber smiled in understanding.

Long Qingzhi and Aunt Lan stepped forward and placed the children carefully beside Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei’s gaze immediately fell on the two babies next to her. Her heart melted in an instant, and her eyes brimmed with maternal love.

She propped herself up and drank in the sight of them greedily.

They were beautiful, fair-cheeked, endearing little babes.

Her chest instantly swelled with motherly pride.

She had carried these two little darlings in her womb for ten months and risked her life to give birth to them.

She had expected to see two tiny wrinkled tots, but to her surprise, both of them were absolutely lovely.

She stared at them, her gaze never wavering.

They were different from typical pigeon pairs; their facial features were not too identical, and a single glance was enough to tell them apart.

The child on the left—the one with the mature countenance who returned her gaze coolly with eyes as black as gemstones—resembled the Emperor more.

The child on the right, however, had bright eyes that darted around busily, and was now staring at her curiously.

This child’s features resembled hers more.

Looking at the two children filled Lu Liangwei’s heart with joy, and she felt as if she would never get tired of watching them.

As she gazed at them, a mist of tears started to form in her eyes, and warmth bloomed in her chest.

“Can you tell which one’s the Prince?” Long Qingzhi leaned over and asked, beaming.

Blinking her tears away, Lu Liangwei pointed at the child on the left with a smile and said confidently, “This one’s definitely a boy. He’s the oldest.”

Long Qingzhi was stunned. “How could you tell?”

“He looks a lot like the Emperor. Only a boy would look so mature and precocious at such a young age.” Lu Liangwei chuckled as she gazed at the two children.

Long Qingzhi arched an eyebrow. “Really? I think the Prince looks more like you, though.”

Lu Liangwei was startled. “Seriously? I think my daughter looks more like me.”

The Dowager Duchess laughed. “Everyone has different opinions. If you ask me, both children inherited their looks from both of you, and they resemble both parents in different ways.”

Aunt Lan nodded. “I agree. See how this one has your eyes and the Emperor’s nose?”

Lu Liangwei stared at the children in a daze.

Immediately, the bedchamber was filled with animated discussions about whom each child resembled more.

When Long Yang finished cleaning up and came out of the bathroom, he was greeted by the sight of the crowd surrounding Lu Liangwei and discussing the children’s looks.

He stood in place for a moment, watching the girl lying in bed, her small face full of vigor.

Those hellish, agonizing days seemed to have been nothing but a dream.

Instead of joining the crowd, he turned on his heel and left the room.

Lu Liangwei raised her head, only to catch sight of Long Yang’s retreating figure.

Long Yang strode directly out of the bedchamber.

Zhao Qian, whose eyes were bleary from all the sleepless nights, was taken aback to see his master come out, but also felt finally relieved.

He followed him in silent understanding.

Long Yang did not stop in his tracks until he reached the imperial study. Hoarsely, he asked, “Is there any news of Lil Qi… and the child?”

Zhao Qian bowed his head even lower. His voice was despondent and carried a hint of despair. He mustered all the strength he had to keep it from breaking as he forced out his reply. “No.”

Long Yang pursed his lips, his bloodshot eyes full of vexation and remorse.

If it had not been for him, the child would not have…

He closed his eyes, burying all his pain in a deep corner of his heart.

After a while, he opened his eyes, revealing the iciness and cruelty in them. “Make sure all of them keep their mouths shut, and if they don’t, kill them. If any of them leak even the slightest bit of information to the Empress, I want them sentenced to nine kinship extermination. No mercy will be given.”

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