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Chapter 1107: 1107

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Lu Liangwei wanted to call out for her servants but she was worried about waking up her two children.

Right at that moment, a familiar voice came drifting from the windows.

“It’s me, Your Highness. I have a secret to tell you that you would be very interested to know.”

The voice was very low, but as the bedchamber was completely silent, Lu Liangwei was able to hear what the person was saying clearly.

The other person did not seem to care if Lu Liangwei was listening, for the voice went on rambling, “It’s about Third Princess.”

Third Princess? What Third Princess?

Lu Liangwei was puzzled.

The voice said again, “Did you really think you gave birth to only two children? You were wrong. You gave birth to three. His Majesty lied to you.” The person began to chortle at this point. “I have never seen a woman who can give birth like you. Three in one go, just like a pig. You must think yourself to be pretty incredible.”

Lu Liangwei could no longer hear anything else after that.

Her mind was buzzing.

She had given birth to three children? Long Yang had lied to her?

She suddenly remembered the day she had delivered. Just as she was about to lose consciousness after giving birth to two children, she remembered that crying…

The crying sound became clearer and clearer in her mind.

She took a sharp breath as she felt her heart tighten inside her chest. It was a terrible feeling.

The crying she had heard that day was not a hallucination?

She really did give birth to three children?

Her cheeks were drained of blood at the thought of this possibility. Even the best cosmetics in the world would not be able to cover the pale look on her cheeks right now.

She staggered and if she had not grasped the side of the table in time, she would have fallen to the floor.

The voice outside the windows continued speaking.

“Third Princess looks just like Second Princess, and you gave every last bit of stamina you had to birth her, but alas, you stopped breathing the moment Third Princess was born. His Majesty flew into a great rage and tried to kill Third Princess on the spot by hurling her to the ground, but Chu Qi and the others risked their lives to save her. Third Princess was very lucky, but in the aftermath, she ended up being abducted by me and I threw her down a cliff hundreds of feet tall. Haha…”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes widened and there was excruciating pain in her chest. Every breath felt like a knife was slicing her heart.

Her daughter…

She bit hard on her lips. Her fingers quickly grabbed a dagger on her dressing table.

This dagger had been given to her by His Majesty a long time ago. It was sharp enough to slice a hair by its length and chop iron into mud.

“… Did you know? That child was so small, she was so fragile that I only needed one finger to strangle her to death. I was standing by the cliff when I was about to throw her down. She must have realized the danger she was in because she cried until she went hoarse. Such a poor, pitiful thing, but I felt tremendous joy. I had never felt this way before. On the day Princess Luosang was executed by His Majesty, I desperately wanted to save her. Yet, there was nothing I could do. I could only watch as her eyes were gouged and she eventually died under your butcher’s knife.”

“I was indebted to Princess Luosang and she’s dead. She was killed by you and had to suffer a terrible death. How could I be an ingrate who would not take revenge on her behalf? I swore that day I must seek revenge on her behalf. I should at least make all of you feel the pain of having your bones and heart torn out. What could be more painful than having your flesh and blood killed?”

“You killed our princess, so I’ll just take the life of one of your princesses. That’s not too bad! All of you owe her this much, so I’ll use your daughter as an offering to her. This is the sin you have incurred upon yourselves and you have only yourselves to blame for. Today, your children are having their month-old celebration. While you’re happily celebrating the occasion with your two children, another child of yours is lying beneath the cliff alone. Tsk, such a poor little thing. Wait, that’s not right. There’s a chance she has already been eaten by wild beasts…”

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