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Chapter 1108: 1108

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The voice suddenly stopped and the joyful look on Manna’s face had stiffened. There was a chilling sensation on her neck and she felt a wave of dread. She lowered her gaze to see a sharp dagger pressed against her neck. The blade had cut her skin and fresh blood was flowing.

“How dare you, Manna?”

The woman had approached the windows without Manna noticing and was now glaring at her with a furious stare. Her eyes were bloodshot and it looked like blood could spill out of them anytime.

Manna gave a start. She had been so engrossed with her speech that she did not realize Lu Liangwei had closed the distance.

However, Manna soon began laughing again without fear. “Why wouldn’t I dare to? You killed our princess and I killed your daughter as payback!”

“Give me back my daughter…” Lu Liangwei’s voice was cracking but it was also filled with loathing. She was eager to tear this woman—the killer of her daughter—apart right away.

Lu Liangwei did not hesitate as the thought ran through her mind. The dagger in her hand pressed into Manna’s carotid artery.

Manna sniggered. “So, your daughter’s life is considered a life, but our princess’s isn’t? Weren’t you terribly cruel when His Majesty not only announced for our princess to be executed, but he even got her eyes gouged? Why should I spare your daughter’s life?”

Her fingers quickly covered her neck while she was talking.

However, she had underestimated the sharpness of the blade in Lu Liangwei’s hand.

Almost instantly, her fingers were severed as they touched the dagger.

She shrieked in pain.


Fresh blood spurted.

She was about to move away when she felt pain on the crown of her head. Lu Liangwei was grabbing tight on her hair.

“Are you planning to escape after murdering my daughter?” Lu Liangwei’s eyes were red as she swung her dagger, aiming directly at Manna’s skull.

“Your daughter isn’t dead!” Manna suddenly shouted.

Lu Liangwei paused in her action and her eyes bulged. She diverted the dagger in another direction and cut off Manna’s arm in an instant.

Manna almost passed out from the pain. Her knees went weak and she fell to her knees, holding onto her bleeding stump, howling in pain.

“Never test the limits of a mother. I will return the favor a thousandfold for the cruelty you have shown my daughter. I won’t allow you to die so easily. I’ll let this be if my daughter turns out fine, but if anything happens to her, I will make you regret even coming into this world.”

Lu Liangwei’s voice sounded deadly, like a grim reaper from hell. Manna felt a wave of fear on top of the pain.

The bedchamber door was suddenly thrown open and Chu Jiu came running in.

“Your Highness!”

The expression on Chu Jiu’s face changed when she saw Lu Liangwei leaning against the windows, her face pale. She quickly rushed to Lu Liangwei’s side.

Chu Jiu was greeted by the sight of Lu Liangwei staring below the windows with a vicious expression.

Chu Jiu looked in the same direction and saw a woman sitting limply in a pool of blood. She had blood all over her and it was difficult to see her face.

However, Chu Jiu still managed to recognize the woman. She clenched her teeth. “Manna!”

A thought crossed Chu Jiu’s mind and she felt a sudden chill. She turned to look at Lu Liangwei in fear. “Your Highness?”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes moved. “Jiu, you knew about this, right?”

Chu Jiu knelt on one knee, feeling immensely guilty. “Your Highness, I…”

Everyone that had followed Chu Jiu into the room knelt on the floor as well.

Her Highness found out about it…

Fear struck everyone’s minds. The sky was about to fall.

Lu Liangwei’s gaze swept across the crowd.

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