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Chapter 1110: 1110

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The Dowager Duchess almost passed out when she realized who the person being dragged was.

“Wei…Weiwei…” She called out in a trembling voice.

Long Qingzhi and Lin Qingyuan were equally shocked. They quickly rushed forward to help the Dowager Duchess steady herself.


Everyone was taken aback by Lu Liangwei’s appearance.

She was wearing a long, red dress that trailed on the ground, but the blood on her face was redder than the dress she wore, creating a striking scene.

“Weiwei, you’ve just recovered. You shouldn’t do anything rash!” The Dowager Duchess gave a start and forced herself to calm down as she put on a kind and benevolent look for Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei’s gaze swept across the crowd and she began to understand something.

Everyone but her knew that she had another younger daughter who was almost thrown to death when she was born. The same girl was later abducted and thrown off a cliff hundreds of feet tall.

Lu Liangwei had never even met the child. If it was not for Manna telling her about it, she would never have known she had another daughter.

How ironic was that?

While Lu Liangwei had been living a pampered life in the Palace, no one knew if her daughter was dead or alive.

It was because Lu Liangwei had barely come out of her labor with her life intact; everyone was worried she could not take the news.

Nevertheless, the news still hit her excruciatingly hard when she found out about it today.

How could the heavens be so cruel to her daughter?

If Lu Liangwei had survived the labor at the price of her daughter’s life, she would rather have never woken up.

Manna told her that her youngest daughter was not dead, but Lu Liangwei knew that she was lying. How could her daughter still be alive after being thrown off a cliff hundreds of feet tall?

However, Lu Liangwei could not help trying to convince herself that maybe her youngest daughter might still be alive.

She had to confirm it with her own eyes.

“Grandmother, I have to look for her,” Lu Liangwei said firmly. Each word was pronounced strongly as if they were filled with flowing blood.

The tears had already formed in Long Qingzhi and Lin Qingyuan’s eyes.

This was especially sorrowful for Long Qingzhi as she was also a mother. She could understand what Lu Liangwei was going through.

“Let her be, Dowager Duchess,” she said softly.

Weiwei would never find peace if they did not let her leave for the search.

The Dowager Duchess sighed.

“Go ahead if you want to. Just bring more people with you,” the Dowager Duchess said helplessly in the end.

The Dowager Duchess had always known that they would not be able to hide this from Weiwei forever, but she did not expect Weiwei to find out so soon.

Fortunately, she had just completed her confinement period. Otherwise, her body would not be able to take it.

“I’ll go with you.” Lin Qingyuan immediately offered.

Lu Liangwei did not object.

Right then, Chu Jiu returned with two horses.

Chu Jiu came over and hurled Manna onto one of the horses. She offered to help Lu Liangwei up the horse but was rejected.

Lu Liangwei got onto the horse by herself and pulled on the reins, preparing to leave.

At that moment, a tall and dark figure strode over to where she was and blocked the horse’s path. There was a vague tremble in his voice. “Where are you going, Weiwei?”

Lu Liangwei lowered her gaze to look at him.

The man was handsome as always, but right then, he was ghastly pale. Apprehension filled his usually dark, unfathomable eyes.

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips and looked away.

“Get out of the way!”

Her voice was bitter.

She had not believed Manna’s words before, but when she saw the nervousness in his eyes, she immediately knew that Manna was not lying.

He really did try to throw their daughter to death.

How could he be so cruel?

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