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Chapter 1112: 1112

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The thought of this made her even more frustrated. She could not wait any longer.

She flung his hand away determinedly and she made a promise to him. “Don’t worry about me, Your Majesty. I will return safely.” With that, her legs suddenly clapped on the horse’s abdomen – she giddied up and the horse galloped away before Long Yang could react.

Chu Jiu followed close behind as she gave chase quickly.

“Get my horse!” Long Yang ordered in a low voice.

Zhao Qian quickly arrived bringing him a horse.

Long Yang said to the Dowager Duchess, “I would need to leave the Palace to you temporarily, Dowager Duchess.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded, “Don’t worry. Go after Weiwei. She has just completed her confinement and her body has not fully recovered.”

Long Yang gave a subtle nod and leaped onto his horse.

The horse neighed and suddenly shot off as quick as an arrow shot from a bow.

Lu Liangwei had the royal token gifted to her by His Majesty long ago, which was why she was able to leave the Palace without hassle.

The sky had turned dark when she left the Palace and the city gate was already closed. However, the soldier who saw the royal token did not dare delay her as they quickly opened the city gates.

Once everyone had left, he immediately closed the city gate.

Before he could even take a breath, he could hear horses galloping toward him again.

The galloping was heard before he had even seen the horses.

“His Majesty needs to leave the city. Hurry up and open the gates!”

The soldier jumped and he saw a horse ride past him like a lightning bolt.

He did not even manage to see what the person riding the horse looked like.

Next, a plump man in a eunuch’s uniform appeared before him holding a token of authority in the air.

“Open up the city gates now!”

The soldier saw the token of authority clearly and felt a sudden chill in his heart. He did not dare delay further and together with the help of a few other soldiers, quickly opened the gate once more.

Once everyone had left, the soldiers closed the city gate.

“What’s going on today? That woman before had a royal token, and His Majesty came chasing after her. Could that woman be an assassin who stole something from His Majesty?”

The soldiers were puzzled.

Zhao Qian took quite a lot of effort to catch up to his Master outside the city gate, but he was still quite a distance away from his Master.

It was not long before they both managed to catch up to Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei pressed her lips when she saw Long Yang had caught up. She held onto the reins on the horse and slapped the back of the horse with all her might to increase the horse’s speed.

Long Yang’s deep eyes darkened as he followed suit and increased his horse’s speed too.

Lu Liangwei had not ridden for quite a while and she had just completed her confinement. She was actually unable to endure so much and soon, her face turned ghostly pale and her forehead broke out in cold sweat.

However, she clenched her teeth and held on. She wanted to arrive at the Hundred Feet Cliff immediately. No matter how uncomfortable she was feeling, she was not about to slow down.

Her Ji’er was there.

“Hyah…” Lu Liangwei shouted and made a mad dash forward.

Long Yang frowned when he saw how unstable she was on the horse. He suddenly let go of the reins in his hand and leaped forward.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes were focused on the front and she was extremely tense. It was only when she felt a broad chest behind her that she instinctively leaned backward.

The next thing she knew, the man’s hand grabbed onto the reins she was holding.

Lu Liangwei turned to look at the man behind her. She bit her lip, wanting to say something, but when she saw how pale he looked, she found herself unable to say a word.

He was suffering, and he was living in regret.

From the moment he took out the paper with Ji’er’s name on it, Lu Liangwei knew.

Otherwise, he would not have taken the effort to carefully pick a name for Ji’er.

Ji’er, Ji’er…

This name encompasses all his thoughts and hope for Ji’er.

He hoped Ji’er would be able to overcome adversity.

The thought of Ji’er made Lu Liangwei cry once more.

She had probably cried more today than both her lifetimes combined.

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