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Chapter 1114: 1114

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Just then, Lu Liangwei broke free of Long Yang’s grasp, pulled out her dagger, and charged at Manna.

“I said that I won’t let you die, but I’ll definitely let you regret being born in this world!”

She gripped the razor-sharp dagger in her hand, and before Manna could react, she sliced her remaining arm off.

“Ahhhhhh!” An even more ear-splitting scream resounded through the valley, making everyone’s hair stand on end.

Blood sprayed all over Lu Liangwei’s face, but she showed no sign of stopping. Pinning Manna to the ground, she brought the dagger down onto her leg.

“Today, I’ll offer your blood to my Ji’er and Lil Qi!”

However, a hand caught her arm the moment she raised it.

Lu Liangwei whipped around and stared at Long Yang with empty eyes, her words ringing out clear and firm, “Don’t stop me!”

“She deserves to die, but you can’t stain your hands,” Long Yang said authoritatively. He pried her fingers off the dagger firmly, then ordered Zhao Qian, “Take that woman back. Don’t let her die.”

Zhao Qian nodded, picked up the bloody and battered Manna, and tossed her onto the horse’s back.

Lu Liangwei got up and started moving toward the edge. Suddenly, she felt something brush her back, and with a whimper, she fainted.

Long Yang scooped her into his arms and passed her to Chu Jiu. “Take her back to the palace.”

Taking her from him, Chu Jiu asked hesitantly, “What about you, Your Majesty…”

“I’ll find a way to get to the bottom of the cliff,” replied Long Yang flatly.

Chu Jiu was startled. “But this cliff…”

Long Yang cut her off commandingly, “Take good care of the Empress. If she loses so much as a hair on her head, I’ll hold you responsible.”

Chu Jiu straightened up. “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Long Yang turned and walked to the edge of the cliff without another word.

Zhao Qian placed the reins of his horse into Chu Jiu’s hands and instructed her, “Jiu, I need you to take them back. I can’t let His Majesty go down there alone.”

“All right. I’ll take the Empress back first, and then I’ll send someone for you.” Chu Jiu nodded.

“Be careful on the way back.” Zhao Qian gave her a pat on the shoulder before running after his master.

After laying Lu Liangwei carefully on the horse, Chu Jiu mounted it and held her close to her body. With one hand, she tugged on the reins of the horse carrying Manna, and with the other, she steered her horse away from Thousand Feet Cliff.

At this moment, Long Yang was already at the edge of the precipice.

His eyes scanned the bottom of the cliff shrouded in mist as he contemplated a way to go down.

Despite his brilliant Light Body Skill, it was still impossible for him to reach the bottom straightaway.

After circling the edge once, he discovered a mass of protruding rocks on one area of the cliff.

If his guess was correct, there should be numerous protruding rocks on this side.

If that were the case, he could use these rocks to climb down the cliff by concentrating his weight on them.

Thinking that it was a feasible idea, he started to remove his heavy robe.

It was the children’s first-month birthday banquet last night, and all the court officials had been invited, which was why he had donned his imperial robe. He had left in such a hurry that he had not been able to change his clothes.

Zhao Qian was behind him, following his every step. Seeing him remove his robe, he realized what he was planning to do and could not help being alarmed. “Master, this cliff is a thousand feet high. You can’t go down there alone.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Long Yang tossed the robe to him and ordered, “You go back as well. I’m worried about Chu Jiu guarding the Empress alone.”

“But I’m worried about you too,” Zhao Qian blurted out as he caught the robe.

Long Yang shot him an icy glare, his lips twisting into a mirthless smile. “Are you defying me?”

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