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Chapter 1115: 1115

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Breaking out in a cold sweat, Zhao Qian turned on his heel and fled.

“I’ll catch up with Chu Jiu right away and escort the Empress back to the palace, then I’ll come back for you.”

Long Yang ignored him.

After measuring the height between the edge and the rock with his eye, he jumped down decisively.

The next moment, he successfully landed on the rock, but he did not stop and continued descending the cliff.

Just like that, he shifted his weight from rock to rock and jumped down level by level.

Sometimes, when he could not find a spot to land, he would climb down with his bare hands. Even when his palms were grazed by the rough surface of the cliff, he did not care.

He wanted to find Ji’er not just because he did not want to see Weiwei sad, but also because he owed it to Ji’er.

With his jaw firmly set, he started clambering his way down.

When he got lucky, he would find his footing on a solid rock; otherwise, he would step on an eroded one.

Whenever his foot landed on an eroded rock, it would instantly crumble to pieces.

Fortunately, he was always agile enough to grab onto the cliff wall in time.

That very day, the hunter found himself hunting once again at the foot of the cliff.

He had been chasing a white fox all the way there until it disappeared.

The fox’s coat was a flawless snow-white. If he could catch it, he could definitely sell it for a good price.

Now that he had two more mouths to feed, he needed to catch more prey.

However, when he reached that area, the cunning fox vanished.

He huffed crossly.

He had crossed a few hills just to pursue the white fox, but in the end, it had still managed to escape.

However, he quickly adjusted his mindset.

White foxes had always been rare and difficult to catch, so it was fine if he did not manage to catch one today.

There were many birds in the forest, so he took out his bow and arrows and shot a few of them.

“Just enough to nourish that boy,” he mumbled to himself as he walked over to the fallen fat birds and picked them up.


Just then, he heard a loud crash.

Startled, the hunter raised his head, only to see a white figure lying at the bottom of the cliff not far off.

Realizing that it was a human, he hurried over in that direction.

As he approached, he finally saw that it was a handsome man.

“What a good-looking fellow. I hope he’s not dead.” Despite his words, he felt that the chances of this man surviving such a long fall were close to zero.

Nevertheless, it was still a human life. He quickly squatted down to check for the man’s breathing, exhaling in relief when he found that he was still alive.

“He’s lucky that the fall didn’t kill him.” Shaking his head, he lifted the man off the ground.

Aside from a few tears on the man’s clothes, he did not suffer any injuries. The hunter guessed that he had fallen when he was near the bottom of the cliff and lost consciousness due to a concussion.

“What’s going on lately? Why do people keep falling off this cliff?” He murmured in bewilderment as he glanced up at the precipice, the top far beyond his vision’s reach.

The man showed no signs of regaining consciousness, so he had no choice but to hoist him onto his shoulders and head home.

The hunter’s wife was preparing lunch at home.

The boy was sitting quietly under the roof with the baby girl in his arms.

The hunter’s wife would glance up occasionally, only to see both of them sitting there as still as statues.

The baby girl was already a month old. There was visible development in her facial features, and she had become even more beautiful and adorable. However, the boy’s condition showed no signs of improvement.

He was still blind, and he had not yet regained his past memories.

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