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Chapter 1121: 1121

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When Ji’er woke up in the evening, Chu Qi carried her into the courtyard and sheltered her from the wind as he bathed her.

The sun had not yet set at this time and it was not too hot. It was the perfect time for bathing a baby.

He took off Ji’er’s clothes with expert efficiency.

Summer clothes were thin and he removed all her clothes in no time. He frowned when he sensed Long Yang crouching at the side and watching. He moved to the side and blocked Long Yang’s view of Ji’er.

Long Yang initially did not realize the meaning of Chu Qi’s actions.

When Long Yang changed to another spot to crouch and watch, Chu Qi shifted again to block him, and only then did Long Yang realize what was happening.

His handsome face turned dark as he clenched his teeth, growling. “Lil Qi, Ji’er is my daughter.”

“I know, but she is a girl and you shouldn’t be staring at her,” Chu Qi replied calmly. His tone sounded slightly accusatory when he faced Long Yang to say this.

Long Yang choked.

It took quite a while before he retorted unhappily, “She is my daughter and it shouldn’t matter for me to look at her. She is still young, after all. But it’s a different story for you. You’re not her father. so you should be the one being self-conscious of this.” With that, Long Yang attempted to take over the bathing duties.

Chu Qi reached out to block Long Yang, refusing to let him touch Ji’er. He sounded quite calm as he said, “I can’t see a thing.”

Long Yang was taken aback and stopped. His gaze fell onto Chu Qi’s soulless eyes and he fell silent.

Lil Qi had lost his vision and memories because of Ji’er.

He would not have ended up this way if he had not tried to save her.

Long Yang owed Lil Qi a debt too.

He gave up trying to help Ji’er with her bath and instead said to Chu Qi, “Don’t worry. Once we’re back at the imperial capital, I will get someone to treat your eyes. You saved Ji’er and Weiwei has great medical skills. She will figure out a way to help you. You won’t lose your sight.”

Chu Qi did not respond and laid Ji’er down on his lap. He then pulled up the corners of her clothes to cover her body and helped her wash her hair.

Ji’er might only be a month old, but she already had a thick head of hair.

Chu Qi gently started washing her hair.

After he was done, he took a towel that had been prepared to help wipe her head clean and dry.

He carried her into a wooden container after that.

Chu Qi supported the baby’s back with one hand, stopping her from slipping down while his other hand scooped up water to wash her.

Long Yang crouched at the side, initially planning to offer a hand, but there was nothing he needed to help with at all.

Chu Qi may not be able to see anything, but he was exceptionally skillful at doing these things.

Long Yang had to admit that even though he had tried learning to do these things for some time, he did not have the patience or the attention to detail that Chu Qi had.

Ji’er closed her eyes comfortably after taking her bath.

It was clear that she enjoyed bathing.

It could also be that it was the person bathing her that made her feel at ease.

Long Yang watched his daughter and a longing look appeared in his eyes.

He wanted to carry her, but he was afraid she would burst out crying again.

Every time he extended his hand, the thought of her rejecting him came to mind, and he could only pull back awkwardly.

The hunter’s wife came over to gather the clothes Ji’er had changed out of. She was about to go wash the garments, but Long Yang stopped her. “Let me do it.”

The hunter’s wife was slightly hesitant. She had a mind to ask if he had washed anything before.

It only took one look for her to realize that he was not a man of ordinary status, and he probably had not washed clothes before.

However, the determined look on his face stopped her from voicing her doubts.

“Alright. Take a right turn after exiting the door. There is a little stream you can use to wash her clothes.”

“Alright.” Long Yang took Ji’er’s dirty clothes and left the house.

They were thin garments suited for summer and since Ji’er was still small, it only amounted to a tiny lump when the clothes were crumpled up together.

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