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Chapter 113: She Vaguely Heard The Man Give A Muffled Grunt

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Chapter 113: She Vaguely Heard The Man Give A Muffled Grunt

Long Yang was startled to hear an affirmative answer from Lu Liangwei.

Abruptly, he glanced over his shoulder at her.

By then, that enterprising young lady had turned around without hesitation and was climbing up a huge tree with a thick trunk that was located behind her.

Subsequently, he watched, astounded, as Lu Liangwei wound both her arms around the tree trunk and made use of all four limbs to clamber upward tenaciously.

Her movements could be considered fairly nimble. Obviously, this was not her first time climbing trees.

A hint of a smile touched Long Yang’s eyes as he watched that young lady climbing upwards.

He had actually asked her that question on a whim but had immediately regretted it after doing so.

After all, Lu Liangwei was the daughter of the Grand Duke Mansion’s first wife and had grown up being pampered and spoilt by Lu Hetian. How would she even know how to climb a tree?

Yet, said young lady was skillfully climbing a tree right before his very eyes as he watched in astonishment.

Lu Liangwei—she truly was different from the majority of noble young ladies!

The barest hint of a smile touched the corners of Long Yang’s lips; the sword in his hand was already out of its scabbard.

Lu Liangwei climbed to the top of the tree before she settled to sit down securely. It was then that she witnessed Long Yang’s skills.

His razor-sharp sword had barely been unsheathed and was already covered in blood.

A few vicious wolves bared their sharp teeth and leaped toward Long Yang, preparing to puncture his body with bloody tooth marks.

However, their blood splattered all over the scene of battle before they could even touch Long Yang.

Lu Liangwei was rather astonished.

She had always been aware that this Emperor was known for his cruelty and ruthlessness. However, the few times she had been in contact with him, she had merely been intimidated by his imposing manner. Most of the time during their interactions, the Emperor had been much gentler, and she had almost forgotten about Long Yang’s vicious and cruel tactics.

Very soon, numerous wolf carcasses lay limp under Long Yang’s feet. Most of the wolves had died by his sword.

His attacks were quick and decisive. On the neck of every one of those wolves was a bloody wound, made by a single lethal strike.

Chu Yi was ferocious with his attacks as well, but he was not as resolute as Long Yang.

In no time at all, the wolf pack had been disposed of.

Lu Liangwei was still sitting atop the tree when the man below it suddenly looked up at her. “You can come down now.”

Lu Liangwei looked down, glancing at him, and saw a light smile on his lips. He looked casual and at ease—completely different from the person who had just been slaughtering wolves.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” she answered absent-mindedly before sliding down the tree one step at a time.

Once her feet touched the ground, she moved toward Long Yang.

She did not notice the dark green eyes concealed behind the forest undergrowth.

Chu Yi wiped his broadsword clean and hoisted it onto his shoulder as he walked toward Long Yang and Lu Liangwei.

Right at that moment, he spotted a wolf leaping out from the undergrowth, lunging toward Lu Liangwei.

“Look out!”

He was some distance away and could only shout a warning.

Lu Liangwei was startled, but before she could react, she had already been pulled into someone’s arms.

She vaguely heard the man expel a barely audible muffled grunt; she also heard the wolf howling.

Heart beating wildly, she turned to look and saw a wolf fallen where she had just been standing. The ground was covered in blood.

“Master, are you alright?” Chu Yi’s concerned shout woke her from her reverie.

She turned back and saw Long Yang looking slightly pale.

“I’m alright…”

Before he could finish, Chu Yi was already shouting anxiously, “Master, your back is bleeding.”

Lu Liangwei gave a start. Hurriedly struggling out of Long Yang’s arms, she circled behind him.

The right side of Long Yang’s back was indeed bleeding. His clothes were stained red, and she could vaguely see the bloody marks from the wolf’s sharp claws through the torn fabric.

She frowned, and the look in her eyes was hard to interpret.

If Long Yang had not shielded her from the attack, she would have been the injured one.

The wolf might even have broken her neck with a single bite.

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