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Chapter 1134: 1134

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It was a remote and desolate area overgrown with weeds. No one would ever think of coming here.

However, the existence of this secret passage still sent a chill down his spine.

If his master had not discovered it today, they would have been vulnerable to future sneak attacks launched from this secret passage.

Long Yang stood on a slope and looked down. To his surprise, he spotted a trail leading to the west.

A thought struck him, and he swiftly turned on his heel, descended the slope, and returned to the cave.

Chu Yi immediately hurried after him.

He glanced at the trail that led westward, and a vague theory formed in his mind.

If they kept going west, they would arrive at the Yan Kingdom.

Was Master suspecting that Long Chi had taken the Empress there?

Even after they had returned to the study, Long Yang did not stop in his tracks as he ordered, “Get someone to seal off the secret passage.”

“Yes, Master,” Chu Yi responded.

“Also…” Long Yang paused, pursing his lips. “Tell Long Xuan that I want him to conduct a secret search all the way to the west and find the Empress at all costs.”

He wanted to search for Weiwei by himself, but as the Dowager Duchess said, it was not appropriate for him to leave the imperial capital right now.

“Yes, Master,” Chu Yi replied again.

Long Xuan had originally been secretly ordered by Long Yang to track down Long Chi.

However, Long Chi was cunning enough to use a diversionary tactic. Someone claimed to have seen him in the Ji Prefecture, but when Long Xuan arrived there, he realized, to his dismay, that it was a wild goose chase.

Long Chi was not in the Ji Prefecture at all. Instead, he had secretly returned to the imperial capital and even kidnapped the Empress.

At the moment, Long Xuan had just returned to the imperial capital. He barely had time to breathe before he received another secret edict from his royal uncle, hence he had no choice but to leave the imperial capital again and head to the west with his personal guards.

A carriage was hurtling along the main road leading to the west.

Lu Liangwei was still recumbent inside the carriage. Most of the time, her consciousness was clouded.

To avoid any disruptions, Long Chi gave her coma-inducing medicine in addition to the Nerve Weakening Powder.

During Lu Liangwei’s occasional moments of consciousness, Long Chi only gave her a bit of water and solid food.

It had only been a few days, and her complexion had turned sallow and lost all its original radiance.

Long Chi caressed her face. “Hold on for a bit more, Weiwei. Things will get better once we reach the Yan Kingdom.”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes were half-lidded, and her whole body felt sluggish. “Long Chi, you’d better kill me now. Otherwise, I’ll definitely make you pay.”

Long Chi grabbed her hand and placed it in his palm, saying nonchalantly, “I know you’re mad because of how I’m treating you, but I’m only doing this for safety reasons. I don’t want anything unexpected to happen before we reach the Yan Kingdom. But don’t worry; once we arrive there, I’ll give you the antidote. After you get some quality rest, you’ll be beautiful once again.”

Lu Liangwei held her breath to restrain herself from shouting abuse at him.

There was no point in yelling at him. It would only be a waste of her energy.

After a brief moment of consideration, she said, “Long Chi, stop the carriage for a while. I need to go to the bathroom.” Her voice was feeble, and she could not help feeling a little breathless after speaking.

Long Chi paused. “You haven’t eaten much in the past few days, so why’d you need to…” He chuckled and brushed a finger across her face. “Don’t lie to me!”

“You honestly think I can run away in such a state?” Lu Liangwei scoffed.

“You’re right. But are you sure you can… go to the bathroom yourself in this state?” Long Chi gave her a suggestive look, his tone full of malice.

Instead of being provoked, Lu Liangwei softened her attitude and said quietly, “Just help me to a bush, and I’ll handle the rest myself. No need to worry about me.”

“Actually, I don’t mind helping you.” Long Chi stared at her teasingly, hoping to see embarrassment on her face, but to his disappointment, Lu Liangwei remained impassive.

“No thanks.”

Long Chi was a little crestfallen.

He was reluctant to let her off, but she had indeed not gone to the bathroom in several days. The last thing he wanted was for her to get constipation, so he nodded his approval. “Fine, then. I don’t think you can escape, anyway. Jiang Chong, find a secluded spot and stop the carriage.”

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