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Chapter 1138: Lu Liangwei’s Seductive Moan

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The figure in the mirror scared Lu Liangwei slightly.

She looked no different than a common housewife.

Her face looked terrible and her hair was a mess. She resembled a beggar.

It was no wonder Long Chi had reacted this way.

However, this also makes Lu Liangwei feel less worried.

At the very least, Long Chi was not someone who would simply accept slim pickings.

Regardless, Lu Liangwei portrayed a sorrowful look on her face.

She lifted her hand to touch her face, appearing to be quite dejected. “How did I turn into this?”

When Long Chi saw her behaving this way, he assumed she was just being like all women who were concerned about their beauty. She was still young, after all, and it was only normal for her to be worried about her looks. His heart softened as he consoled her. “This is just temporary. You’ll look better after you wash up.” He extended the porcelain bottle to offer her another sniff. “Alright, this should sustain you until you’re done with your bath. Nevertheless, I must remind you to wash up quickly. It would be terrible if the effects wore off and you end up incapacitated in the water.”

Lu Liangwei looked at him unhappily.

Long Chi rubbed his nose, thinking that she was still feeling upset over her appearance. He gave a few more words of consolation before finally turning to leave.

Lu Liangwei got up slowly when she saw this.

She looked at the clean water in the bathtub and decided not to waste it as she washed up briefly.

After she was done drying up, she took out the numbing medicinal herb she had prepared earlier.

She crushed it using the teacups on the table and placed it inside the cup. She later diluted it with some water, turning the mixture into liquid.

A smirk appeared on her lips as she looked at the green medicinal liquid in the cup.

Lu Liangwei took the opportunity to grab some rest after she was done.

When she felt her time was almost up, she purposely gave a loud scream and quickly blew out the candles in the room.

As expected, Long Chi rushed into the room when he heard her. “Weiwei…”


A cold liquid was splashed onto this face.

His expression changed as he tried to wipe it off with his hands, but the liquid flowed into his mouth as it dripped from his lips.

Within moments, he realized he was unable to move, and he could not even make a sound.

Lu Liangwei had closed the room door and was hauling him up as she quickly rummaged through his pockets and pulled out the bottle with the powdered scent.

She opened it and took a long whiff before putting it away.

Lu Liangwei smiled coldly when her gaze met Long Chi’s shocked eyes. She did not say anything, but dragged him onto the bed.

Long Chi was a grown man and she was still weak. Lu Liangwei almost collapsed from the exertion.

Then she sat on the bed and wiped her sweat away with her sleeve.

Next, she began searching through Long Chi’s clothes.

It was not long before she found a white bottle filled with pills.

She sniffed it and, after determining it to be the antidote for the Nerve Weakening Powder, she popped one into her mouth.

Jiang Chong was beginning to get worried when Long Chi had not emerged for some time after he entered Lu Liangwei’s room. He knocked on the room door. “Young Master?”

Lu Liangwei jumped, but quickly responded by giving a few seductive moans.

Jiang Chong felt awkward when he heard the sounds and did not dare say another word as he quickly returned to his room.

Long Chi’s entire body was stiff while lying on the bed. He could not move or speak.

He was stunned when he heard her make the sound.

Lu Liangwei did not dare stay longer when she realized Jiang Chong had been scared away by her. When would be a better time for her to escape than now?

She quickly took away a bag of silver from Long Chi and left the room immediately.

It was already dark outside and Lu Liangwei had no idea where she was.

In addition to the darkness, she was also a lone woman on the road and this was not going to work in her favor.

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