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Chapter 114: Your Majesty, Please Remove Your Clothes

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Chapter 114: Your Majesty, Please Remove Your Clothes

Long Yang was startled for a moment, sensing the strain in the atmosphere. “I’m fine, it’s just a few scratches…”

“Your Majesty, please remove your clothes.”

Simultaneously, a girl’s voice spoke.

The air suddenly went dead silent.

Chu Yi swallowed and his face suddenly turned slightly red.

This Second Miss Lu—was she perhaps too frank?

She was actually trying to get his master to remove his clothes.

Why did she need him to take them off?

This was the middle of nowhere, completely off the beaten track—did she have designs on his master?

Was he—an imperial guard—a mere decoration to her?

Just as Chu Yi was about to come forward and shield his master behind him, Long Yang said, “Second Miss Lu, this does not seem very appropriate. My wound is not serious. There is no need to trou…”

“I am a physician.”

Long Yang’s words were interrupted once again.

Long Yang laughed despite himself. “Lu Liangwei, you…”

“Can you just listen to me?” Lu Liangwei walked right in front of him and stared at him sternly.

Long Yang was stunned.

His indecisiveness was starting to annoy Lu Liangwei a little.

If he had injured himself through his own fault, she could have disregarded it by and large, but he had been wounded while trying to save her. This was something she could not ignore.

Under Chu Yi’s wide-eyed stare, Lu Liangwei stripped off Long Yang’s outer robe efficiently and without hesitation.

Chu Yi, “…”

He was so shocked, he pushed his fist into his mouth and bit down on it.

At this moment, he felt Second Miss Lu was both bold and powerful. What was going on?

Second Miss Lu must be the first person in history to dare treat his master this way.

This boldness, this courage… Eh?

Why had everything suddenly gone black before his eyes?

Chu Yi hastily pulled off the outer robe that had landed on his head. The next thing he saw was Lu Liangwei expertly taking off his master’s remaining inner garment.

However, Lu Liangwei was not so rough this time. She merely pulled Long Yang’s inner garment down a fraction, just enough to reveal the wound on his back.

She retrieved some vulneraries and bandages from her bag.

While Chu Yi was still in a daze, she had already efficiently spread the herbal remedies on Long Yang’s injury.

The next step was to bandage the wound.

Long Yang’s injury was on his back. Even though it was not lethal, the wound was quite deep. Binding it up would involve wrapping the bandage around his body once from behind and then down from his shoulder.

However, Long Yang was too tall, and she would have to stand on tiptoe to achieve this.

She could get him to sit down, which would make it easier for her to bind up his wound, but when she spotted Chu Yi, who looked like he was enjoying the scene, a thought crossed her mind. She beckoned him over with a finger. “Could I trouble you to come here, please?”

Chu Yi’s eyes brightened. Still holding onto Long Yang’s outer robe, he came forward a few paces. “How may I help you, Second Miss Lu?”

Lu Liangwei could not figure out why he had suddenly brightened up. She shook her head and indicated Long Yang’s bare shoulder, then pushed the bandages into his hands. “You ought to know how to bind up a wound, right?”

“I…think so.” Chu Yi glanced first at Long Yang, then at the bandages in his hands.

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched at the sight of his uncertainty.

Apart from being dependable when fighting off the wolf pack, most of the time, Chu Yi gave off the impression of being rather unreliable.

Lu Liangwei’s thoughts on the matter were very soon proven right.

She saw Chu Yi lamely attempting to help Long Yang wind the bandage around the wound. Perhaps Chu Yi might have used a little too much force in so, and the bandage had cut into the injury, but Long Yang’s smooth, clear forehead was now covered with tiny beads of sweat. His handsome face seemed to be paler than before.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She had a feeling that Long Yang’s patience had already reached its limits, and he was considering whether or not to replace this unreliable guard with someone else.

“All done, Master.” Chu Yi wiped the sweat from his forehead in great relief.

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