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Chapter 1143: Tonight, He Would Make Her His Woman

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Jiang Chong offered him a piece of silver.

The server took it a little reluctantly and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, sir. We’ve received a lot of guests today, but I didn’t see the person you described. There are plenty of inns in this city, so he could have gone to another one. You should eat your noodles while they’re hot; they won’t taste good once they stick together.” With that, he left.

Just then, Long Chi’s hand stiffened in the midst of stirring his noodles. “Something’s wrong.”

Hearing this, the other three put down their chopsticks as well.

Liu Fu asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s odd about that server,” said Long Chi. “When I asked him, he denied without even thinking. A normal person would usually think for a while, but he barely paused, and he sounded very certain when he said he didn’t see Lu Liangwei. He said himself that there were a lot of guests today; in that case, he should be unable to remember all of them clearly.” He shot to his feet abruptly. “Unless he’s already received instructions from another person.”

Jiang Chong instantly understood what he meant, and he swiftly rose from his seat and left.

It was not long before he returned, hauling the server behind him.

The server said in a trembling voice, “What have I done to offend you, good sirs?” Remembering the silver piece, he hastily took it out of his pocket and held it out with shaky hands. “Y-You can have this back!”

Long Chi snickered, not even bothering to spare a glance at the silver piece. “If you tell the truth, you can keep the silver piece. But if you don’t…”

Liu Fu drew his sword and pressed it against the server’s neck.

The server’s face drained of color, and he hurriedly begged for mercy. “Ask whatever you wish to ask, sirs! I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Enough nonsense! Have you seen that young man or not?” Long Chi barked impatiently.

The server’s heart skipped a beat, but being in Liu Fu’s menacing presence, he had no choice but to tell the truth.

“I have…”

“Which room is he in?” Long Chi’s face lit up as he continued to ask.

“The innermost one on the left.” The server felt guilty, but the guests in front of him were so intimidating that he had no choice but to betray the young man. It was just too bad.

Long Chi immediately swept out and strode in the direction of the room the server had mentioned.

Since it was already dark, he was certain that Lu Liangwei was still in the inn.

He was buzzing with excitement.

This time, he would not go easy on her no matter what. He would definitely make her his woman so that she would not be able to escape anymore.

As he thought ruthlessly to himself, he raised his leg and kicked open the door to the room the server had mentioned.

The door opened to reveal the pitch-black space inside.

After being tricked by Lu Liangwei last night, he did not dare to barge in recklessly again, so he pushed the server inside.

“Light the lamp!”

The server lit the lamp in the room obediently.

The dark room was instantly illuminated, but it was completely empty. Lu Liangwei was nowhere to be seen.

Long Chi’s face darkened, and he turned to glare at the server. “Didn’t you say he was staying here?”

“But this is his room.” The server was puzzled too.

He did not seem like he was lying. In that case, it could only mean that Lu Liangwei had found out about them staying here and escaped in advance.

The thought of that possibility sent Long Chi into a violent rage, and he slammed his palm down on the table, his voice a sinister snarl. “Lu Liangwei!”


The table immediately fell apart under the force.

The server froze up in fright.

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