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Chapter 1144: Spending The Night In A Brothel

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“She can’t have gone far. Besides, the city gates are already closed, so she’s definitely still in the city.” Long Chi narrowed his eyes, his expression thunderous.

“Then let’s split up and search for her. There’s no time to lose,” said Zeng Lunan enthusiastically.

The person that Shuang’er hated the most when she was alive was Lu Liangwei. If he could kill Lu Liangwei, maybe her spirit could finally rest in peace.

Naturally, Long Chi knew what he was thinking, and his face softened. “You go with Jiang Chong, and I’ll go with Liu Fu. If anything happens, we can at least back each other up.”

Unaware of his intentions, Zeng Lunan nodded. “Very well.”

“There’s nowhere else she can go except for an inn, and there are only a few inns in the city. We’ll search them one by one,” Long Chi added.

The others nodded. They then left the inn and went their separate ways.

Long Chi had arranged for Jiang Chong to go with Zeng Lunan because he was worried that Zeng Lunan would find Lu Liangwei first and harm her.

Jiang Chong understood his master’s intentions. With him around, Zeng Lunan would not have any chance of hurting a single hair on Lu Liangwei’s head.

Long Chi and Liu Fu went off to search for her too.

After leaving the inn, Lu Liangwei had planned to stay in another one. However, if the server gave her away and let Long Chi know that she was in that inn too, he would definitely go looking for her.

Even if she went to another inn, she might not be safe either.

However, there was nowhere else she could go except for an inn.

The city gates were already closed at this hour, so she could not leave.

She took a stroll through the streets.

The bustle of this city was indeed far beyond that of a small town.

It was already late at night, but there were still many pedestrians and hawkers on the streets.

As she sauntered around aimlessly, she suddenly noticed a lively scene ahead.

Most shops were already closed at this hour, but this place was still brightly lit and teeming with visitors.

Two young girls stood at the door, waving their handkerchiefs to solicit business and occasionally flirting with clients.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes lit up as an idea came to her.

She walked up to them confidently. Although her looks were plain, her eyes were exceptionally lovely and added an appeal to her ordinary appearance.

The two girls soliciting business were stunned by her eyes too, but when they saw the rest of her face, they could not help being a little disappointed.

However, all that mattered was that the clients had money.

Therefore, the two girls quickly suppressed their disappointment and greeted Lu Liangwei enthusiastically.


Lu Liangwei entered the brothel and requested a superior room. Visiting a place like this naturally meant that she had to call for the company of a few ladies, or she would stick out like a sore thumb.

Lu Liangwei had no choice but to follow the norm and call for a prostitute.

The moment they entered the room, the girl undressed without hesitation and sidled up to Lu Liangwei. “Come here, sir…”

Lu Liangwei put a hand on her shoulder to hold her at arm’s length. Smiling sheepishly, she picked up the cup of wine on the table. “Let’s have some wine first.”

The girl did not suspect anything at all. They were not allowed to reject a client’s wishes, anyway.

She picked up the cup of wine and gulped it down heartily.

Lu Liangwei watched her with a grin.

The second the girl put down her cup, she collapsed.

Lu Liangwei caught her in time and saved her from falling to the floor.

After helping her onto the bed, Lu Liangwei plopped down and dabbed at the sweat on her forehead.

The girl looked slender, but she was surprisingly heavy.

However, she could finally have a good sleep.

Without her antidote, this girl would not wake up.

Lu Liangwei was very much at ease.

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