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Chapter 1146: Two Whole Days

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His words left Zeng Lunan tongue-tied.

Long Chi snickered. “If you insist on going, I won’t stop you either.” When he had ordered Zeng Lunan to poison the soldiers at the frontier, he had already predicted the possibility of Ling Lihua resolving that predicament. His original goal was just to make his royal uncle panic so he could take advantage of the chaos to devise his plan.

However, never did he expect that his royal uncle would still have another card up his sleeve.

It was Long Xuan, his elder half-brother born to a different mother.

Although Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen had been sent to the frontier and could not afford to leave, the court did not descend into chaos. His royal uncle, far from anxious, sent Long Xuan—a nobody—to subdue him.

Long Xuan was as brilliant a military leader as Lu Tingchen, and the army he led soon sprang an attack on Long Chi.

At the same time, his royal uncle sent Old General Guo to Xiangyang to attack Long Xiao.

Old General Guo was Long Xiao’s grandfather, and Long Xiao had always respected him.

That was why Long Xiao had lost the Xiangyang battle so easily.

Royal Uncle was really a brilliant schemer!

Those two battles resulted in Xiangyang and Xuyang being reclaimed with minimal military power.

Sometimes, he wondered if his royal uncle had already been waiting for them to rebel long ago so that he could have a legitimate reason to take back both their lands.

However, Long Chi had ample time ahead of him.

Although he was not as calculating as his royal uncle, he was at least younger than him. As long as he was alive, he could always find another chance.

At this moment, Zeng Lunan had already calmed down. He no longer talked about going to the imperial capital to see the Emperor.

The four of them continued to wait outside the city gates until noon, but Lu Liangwei did not show up at all.

Long Chi left Jiang Chong behind to keep watch while he, Liu Fu, and Zeng Lunan went into the city to search for Lu Liangwei.

One would have to pass by this small city on the way to the West Water Frontier.

He figured that Lu Liangwei was still unaware that she had gone in the wrong direction.

If there was still no sign of Lu Liangwei before sunset, he would give up searching for her and head straight to the West Water Frontier to wait for her.

This place was only two days away from the frontier.

He knew that Lu Liangwei had never traveled far, which was why she still did not know that she had taken the wrong path.

Her destination, the imperial capital, was getting farther and farther away from her.

As Long Chi thought to himself confidently, he could not help feeling significantly more relaxed.

Lu Liangwei was very clever indeed. She knew that he would be lying in wait outside the city gates, hence she did not show up.

It was very likely that she would wait another two days before leaving this place.

In fact, he could have ordered one of his men to keep watch outside the city. As long as she was still in the city, there would come a day when she would need to leave, unless she no longer wished to return to the imperial capital.

However, he had business in the Yan Kingdom. Just as Liu Fu and Jiang Chong had said, he could not waste his time lingering in this place.

Sure enough, Lu Liangwei stayed for another two days in the brothel.

She only gave the prostitute the antidote right before she left.

The poor girl was still in a state of utter confusion.

Once Lu Liangwei left, the other prostitutes crowded around the girl and started to bombard her with questions while shooting her suggestive winks. “So? How did it go? Was that young man amazing? Neither of you left the room for two whole days, except when he ordered food! Have you really been doing it for the past two days? How did you even stand it?”

“That young man was so thin I couldn’t tell that he had that much energy in him! Two whole days—Heavens!”

The girl stared at them in bewilderment as they continued their animated discussion.

Did they really spend two full days in the room?

Then why did she not feel anything?

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