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Chapter 1158: Held Captive

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“Since you’re not in a hurry to leave anymore, just stay here and make yourself comfortable.” Yuan Xin’s expression softened, and she said gently to Lu Liangwei.

Perhaps it was due to the scar on her left cheek, for she would always turn her right cheek toward the person she was talking to.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her unblemished right cheek.

Her uninjured right profile was still rather good-looking. Her skin was fair, and her face was delicately sculpted.

Moreover, she had a pair of lovely slanted eyes.

She must have been a woman of remarkable beauty before she was injured.

Lu Liangwei nodded. Spotting a brush and ink on the table near the window, she made her way over, picked up the brush, and wrote down a list of medicinal materials on paper.

When she was done writing, she put the brush down, picked up the paper, and blew on the ink. Once the ink was dry, she turned and handed the paper to Yuan Xin. “Tell your servants to buy the medicinal materials written here, then I can start treating your face tomorrow.”

Yuan Xin took it from her and scanned it. When she saw how elegant her handwriting was, she looked at her admiringly. “I didn’t know you could write so beautifully.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and said humbly, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Yuan Xin looked her up and down with a smile. After admiring her handwriting for a while more, she turned and left the room to instruct her personal maidservant with the purchasing task.

When Yuan Xin returned, Lu Liangwei was already seated in a chair. Noticing the chains binding her wrists, she could not help feeling sorry for her.

How tragic for this beautiful girl to be a captive.

According to the servants, there was a distinguished guest in the mansion today, and the Prince had even gone out to greet him in person. There was also a young woman in his entourage.

This girl in front of her must surely be that young woman in question.

Yuan Xin had been strolling around the mansion earlier, and when she passed by the guest quarters, she happened to witness this girl climbing out of a hole in the wall.

The girl had surprisingly quick reflexes. Before Yuan Xin could scream, she was already in front of her, her chains wrapped around her neck.

It seemed that she had been held captive by that guest for a long time.

“I’ll get a locksmith to come and remove your chains tomorrow.” Just then, Yuan Xin approached her and offered.

Lu Liangwei tugged at the chains in her hands. Remembering what Long Chi had told her, she opened her mouth to tell Yuan Xin to save the trouble when a thought came to her—What if Long Chi had been lying?

There did not seem to be anything special about these chains. Maybe they could be removed without Long Chi’s key.

“That’ll be great. Thank you.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

Yuan Xin shook her head. She lifted her hand and touched her face, a hesitant look in her eyes.

Aware of her concern, Lu Liangwei said comfortingly, “Don’t worry. The scar on your face isn’t difficult to treat. Just do as I say, and it’ll be gone in no time.”

Yuan Xin nodded. Although she was still a little doubtful, she could not help holding onto the sliver of hope.

For the past two years, she had consulted many physicians, but none of them had managed to heal her face. She had taken a lot of medicine, but to her dismay, they did not bring about any improvement at all.

She had already grown numb to her predicament. In fact, she had already given up.

Her life in the mansion consisted of nothing but aimless muddling.

Fortunately, she still held the title of Princess Consort. Although the concubines secretly mocked and ridiculed her, they did not dare to misbehave in front of her.

The Prince, however…

There was a glimmer of loneliness in her eyes.

Lu Liangwei watched her reaction carefully but did not offer any more words of reassurance.

No matter how many promises she made, everything still depended on the outcome.

Afterward, Yuan Xin allocated a room to her.

The room was right next to hers to make the treatment process more convenient.

Lu Liangwei was not worried that Yuan Xin would sell her out.

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