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Chapter 1160: Like A Ghost All The Time

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“But security’s super tight in the Prince Rui Mansion. How could anyone have rescued Lu Liangwei without alarming any guards?” Jiang Chong was puzzled. It was not easy to sneak a person out of the mansion, unless they had help from someone else.

However, there was no one Lu Liangwei could turn to in this foreign country. Who would come to her aid?

Or could the Emperor have sent someone to rescue her?

The latter seemed more possible.

His theory was shot down by Long Chi.

“That’s impossible. Even if Royal Uncle did send someone to rescue Lu Liangwei, he couldn’t have possibly found out our whereabouts so soon. We just arrived at the Prince Rui Mansion today. No matter how fast they are, there’s no way they can discover where we’re staying in such a short time. Besides, Lu Liangwei disappeared right after Liu Fu and I left, and without alerting you at all. In my opinion, this looks more like Lu Liangwei’s own doing.”

“Then how did she unseal her pressure point?” Jiang Chong frowned in bewilderment.

“I have no idea either.” Long Chi narrowed his eyes. “But we’ll know the truth once we catch her.” The thought ignited a spark of excitement in his eyes.

For some reason, thinking of Lu Liangwei’s deviousness quelled his anger and even produced a sort of fond affection in him.

This was more like a game of cat and mouse, and it thrilled him immensely.

Of course, Lu Liangwei would be unable to escape him in the end.

He suddenly started toward the door.

Jiang Chong asked, “Where are you going, Master?”

“I’m guessing that Lu Liangwei’s still in the mansion, so I’m going to ask Prince Rui to order a search,” Long Chi replied without looking back and strode out of the room.

Even if Lu Liangwei had been lucky enough to flee the Prince Rui Mansion, it did not matter.

She was unfamiliar with this place, and she did not have money on her. No matter how clever she was, it was impossible for her to return to Great Shang by depending on her own ability.

Beitang Rui was surprised when he learned about the purpose of Long Chi’s visit. “She escaped?”

“Yes.” Long Chi chuckled ruefully. “She’s mad that I used to have a lot of women around me, and she refuses to forgive me, so once she found the opportunity, she ran away. To tell you the truth, Your Highness, it’s not the first time she’s done this.”

Beitang Rui finally understood why he had to bind the woman in chains.

“Don’t worry. I’ll order my men to search all the courtyards right now. If there’s no sign of her, I’ll let them search outside.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Long Chi performed a fist and palm salute.

Beitang Rui waved a hand and asked, “Do you have a portrait of her? It’ll make the search easier.”

“I don’t have one ready at the moment, but I can paint one on the spot,” said Long Chi.

“Then please do, Brother Long Chi.”

“All right.”

Soon, Long Chi finished painting and gave the portrait to Beitang Rui.

When Beitang Rui took it and glanced at it, his eyes instantly lit up with amazement.

“What a beautiful woman!” he could not help exclaiming as he studied the glorious beauty of the woman in the painting.

“I’m glad to hear that, Your Highness.” Long Chi frowned a little uncomfortably, suddenly regretting his decision to paint Lu Liangwei.

“You may go back and wait for my news. Once I find anything, I’ll let my men inform you,” said Beitang Rui.

Long Chi had no choice but to leave.

The moment he left, Beitang Rui scrutinized the person in the painting for a while more before passing it to his subordinate.

“Search for her carefully.”

His subordinate took the painting from him, and after hesitating briefly, asked, “Do we have to search the Princess Consort’s courtyard too?”

At the thought of that woman, the enthusiasm in Beitang Rui’s eyes dimmed. “No need. She’s like a ghost all the time. Why would anyone go to her courtyard just to let her scare the living daylights out of them?”

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