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Chapter 1163: His Forehead Was Covered In Sweat

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Seeing the hesitation on Yuan Xin’s face, Lu Liangwei said, “If you’re worried that the medicine is poisoned, I can take the first sip.” She then brought the bowl to her lips.

Yuan Xin hurriedly took the bowl from her, threw her head back, and gulped everything down without pausing for breath.

After finishing the medicine, she said, “I wasn’t worried that you’d poison it. I was just…”

She did not complete her sentence, but Lu Liangwei knew what she wanted to say.

She was probably worried that the higher her hopes were, the greater the disappointment she might get in the end.

She must have tried all kinds of medicines with a hopeful heart before, only to be dismayed every time.

Apparently, her hesitation just now was because of her fear of disappointment.

Lu Liangwei dropped the subject and handed her a box of newly-made ointment. “After taking your medicine, apply this ointment on your face three times every day—once in the morning, once at noon, and once at night. Don’t forget to do it every time, or it won’t be effective.”

Her confidence sparked a sliver of hope in Yuan Xin’s heart. Cautiously, she took the ointment from Lu Liangwei and opened the lid.

She was immediately greeted by a delicate fragrance.

She looked at Lu Liangwei hopefully. “So I need to use it now?”

“Yes.” Nodding, Lu Liangwei instructed her, “Apply a thick layer on your scar. After that, stay in the shade and avoid going out into the sun.”

“Got it.” With that, Yuan Xin ran into her room eagerly to apply the ointment to the scarred area on her face.

When she came out, Lu Liangwei had returned to the small medicinal room.

In the evening, she left the medicinal room, only to see a white-haired old man sitting outside.

Seeing her come out, Yuan Xin explained, “He’s a famous locksmith in the capital city. He can open all kinds of locks, no matter how complex they are. I invited him here today to remove your chains.”

Lu Liangwei gave her a grateful look. “Thank you.”

Yuan Xin shook her head and turned to the old man. “Please go ahead, Mr. Chen.”

Mr. Chen stood up. He did not scrutinize Lu Liangwei for long and merely asked her to show him her chains.

After studying them for a while, he retrieved a key from his toolbox and inserted it into the keyhole on Lu Liangwei’s chains.

Lu Liangwei watched expectantly as he worked on her chains.

Although she had broken free of Long Chi’s control, walking around with this contraption on her was still dreadfully inconvenient.

How thoughtful of Yuan Xin to go to the trouble for her!

However, Lu Liangwei was soon met with disappointment, for Mr. Chen could not remove her chains despite having used several different keys.

These keys were part of a master key specially crafted by him, and they enabled him to open virtually any type of lock.

This time, however, they seemed to be malfunctioning, for they could not unlock Lu Liangwei’s chains at all.

Gone was Mr. Chen’s initial confident demeanor. Right now, his forehead was covered in sweat.

Yuan Xin was starting to grow anxious too. “What’s wrong? You still can’t open it?”

Mr. Chen stared in bewilderment at the chains in Lu Liangwei’s hands. “How strange! These chains look ordinary, but why can’t I remove them?” After thinking for a moment, he asked Lu Liangwei, “Do you mind if I break them?”

Naturally, Lu Liangwei did not mind as long as he could remove the chains.

“Go ahead, Mr. Chen.”

Having received her consent, Mr. Chen turned and took out a knife from his toolbox.

The knife resembled a kitchen knife, but it had a more pointed tip.

The blade also seemed unusually sharp.

Clearly, this knife was Mr. Chen’s most prized tool.

After taking out the knife, he instructed Lu Liangwei to stretch out the chains. Then, he raised the knife and brought it down on them in a slashing motion.

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