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Chapter 1165: 1165

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Yuan Xin’s expression darkened slightly as she squeezed her hands. “I may look ugly, but I’m still able to tell if someone is capable.”

Lu Liangwei realized that her offhand words had hurt Yuan Xin. She felt apologetic and when she looked at Yuan Xin’s unscarred right cheek, Lu Liangwei said sincerely, “You don’t look ugly at all, really! A person’s true beauty is not based on how she looks, but who she is! A kind soul has much more value than a pretty face. You may think I’m being contentious, but I still need to say this. You make people feel comfortable when they are around you and this has nothing to do with you being pretty or ugly.”

Yuan Xin’s expression softened. She looked at Lu Liangwei with slight astonishment. “To be honest, I’ve had nothing but low self-esteem ever since my face was scarred. I’ve always been hiding away in my own world and refusing to interact with others. I isolated myself more and more as time passed, and even Prince Rui…” She paused and a bitter smile appeared on her face. “You’re the only person in the past two years who isn’t afraid of me, and is even willing to approach me.”

Lu Liangwei saw the bitterness in Yuan Xin’s expression but did not ask further questions. She said in a self-deprecating manner, “I’m not a person who is easy to get along with and I sometimes have a temper. There aren’t many people whom I can get along with, but you’re one of them.”

“What an honor!” Yuan Xin raised an eyebrow as she replied in a casual tone. She paused and looked at Lu Liangwei’s pretty face. “We’ve known each other for almost two days and we stay under the same roof, but I don’t even know your name. That’s not acceptable. My name is Yuan Xin. How about you?”

Lu Liangwei repeated her name silently and said, “That’s a nice name!” She paused and said apologetically, “I’m really sorry, but I can’t tell you my real name. You can call me Lu Er, though.” She quickly added, “I’ll tell you my real name on the day I leave.”

Yuan Xin did not mind that at all; she could understand that Lu Liangwei might have her reasons.

After all, Lu Liangwei was a lone woman wandering in a foreign country. It was only natural that she was being defensive.

If she chose to hide her real name, there must be a good reason for it.

It was not difficult to imagine that she could be a prominent figure who was trying to avoid trouble by hiding her name.

“It’s fine. You don’t need to worry about it. A name is just a form of acknowledgment. It’s not important whether your name is real. It’s enough that I know the person in front of me is called Lu Er.”

“Thank you.” Lu Liangwei nodded. She was happy to find out that Yuan Xin was wise and open-minded.

While they were chatting, an unexpected visitor arrived at the front hall of the Prince’s mansion.

Beitang Rui was aware that Wanyan Jin would be visiting the mansion today, but he was still slightly astonished when his servant announced Wanyan Jin’s arrival.

Wanyan Jin actually came here?

Beitang Rui suppressed the curiosity buzzing in his mind and went to the front hall with his servants.

By the time he arrived at the front hall, Wanyan Jin was already seated and having tea.

Wanyan Jin nodded in acknowledgment when Beitang Rui walked in. “I hope you can forgive me for visiting without informing you sooner.”

Beitang Rui was not offended.

Even though Wanyan Jin did not officially ascend to the throne in Danjue, everyone knew that he called all the shots in Danjue and it really did not matter whether the throne had his name on it. He may not call himself the Emperor, but he was just like an Emperor.

It was only normal that Wanyan Jin did not stand up in respect when he saw Beitang Rui.

“You’re too kind, Prince Wanyan. It’s my honor that you’re able to make a trip to my mansion; why should you need to ask for my forgiveness?” Beitang Rui sat at the main seat after saying this.

Wanyan Jin gave a polite smile but said nothing. His slender fingers toyed with the cup in his hand.

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