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Chapter 1174: The Most Painful Retribution She Could Inflict On You Was To Kill Your Flesh And Blood

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“No.” Wanyan Jin shook his head. “She came from a pitiful background, and she had sincerely planned to stay in Great Shang. But when Luosang died, I had my men inform her to go and watch. Luosang saved her life in the past, so how could she remain indifferent to the sight of her savior dying so tragically before her? Naturally, the best and most painful retribution she could inflict on you was to kill your flesh and blood.”

Lu Liangwei’s hands balled into fists under her sleeves, and she glared at him murderously.

Wanyan Jin did not mind at all. On the contrary, he regarded the hatred in her eyes with laid-back admiration, and after a while, he smirked. “I told you that I’d make you regret what you did, but you didn’t believe me. Oh well—I guess we can put the past behind us now. Come up here; I can take you away from the Yan Kingdom!”

All of a sudden, he bent over to haul her onto the horse.

However, Lu Liangwei grabbed his hand and flashed him a radiant smile.

Stunned, Wanyan Jin stared at her absently.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes glinted coldly with murderous intent. Taking advantage of his momentary daze, she gave his hand a yank.

Wanyan Jin, who was still in his bent-over position, was pulled off his horse without warning.

With a loud crash, his body slammed into the ground.

He felt a slight pain in the palm of his hand, immediately followed by a stiffness and numbness in his whole body that paralyzed him.

His eyes widened in terror when he saw Lu Liangwei lunge at him, the sharp dagger in her hand aiming straight for his heart.

“Wanyan Jin, you could have targeted us adults to get whatever revenge you wanted, but why did you have to hurt a vulnerable baby? You’re worse than a beast for attacking an innocent child! Put the past behind us? How dare you say such shameless words after you killed my daughter? Burn in hell!”

Bloodthirsty rage surged in Lu Liangwei’s eyes.

During this time, she had tried to avoid thinking about her children.

It was as if Ji’er would be fine if she did not think about her.

She had tried to convince herself that the Emperor had found Ji’er.

However, all it had taken was a few words from Wanyan Jin to tear down her effort to reassure herself.

Her Ji’er…

How could she possibly survive falling from such an extreme height?

She had to avenge Ji’er and Chu Qi!


Just when Lu Liangwei’s dagger was about to plunge into Wanyan Jin’s heart, a wandao appeared sideways and blocked it.

Lu Liangwei was alarmed. Before she could react, a blast of energy from the attacker sent her staggering backward.

As she watched the wandao head straight for her, she heard Wanyan Jin suddenly shout, “Don’t hurt her, Bada!”

The wandao came to a halt.

“Pin her down!” Right away, Wanyan Jin ordered again.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Bada swiftly reached out to strike Lu Liangwei’s pressure point.

Just then, a round object struck his foot.

With a boom, a cloud of smoke filled the air. With lightning reflexes, Bada leaped up abruptly and slapped a hand over his nose and mouth.

When the smoke cleared, Lu Liangwei was already nowhere to be seen.

Bada landed back on the ground. Remembering something, he hurriedly turned, only to see that Wanyan Jin had fainted.

Shocked, Bada rushed over and gathered him into his arms.

Just when he was about to leave, there came the sound of footsteps, and a group of people emerged at each end of the street.

The group racing over from behind Bada was headed by Prince Rui and Long Chi, while the one in front of him was led by Yuan Xin and the Yuan Family.

Yuan Xin gave the surroundings a quick scan, her heart sinking when she found that Lu Liangwei was nowhere in sight. She turned to Bada and barked, “Who are you? What have you done to my maidservant?”

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