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Chapter 1184: 1184

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This boy had always been a loner. Now that he has lost both his sight and memory, he had become even more antisocial than ever.

Fortunately, there was the little princess by his side.

It was strange though. The little princess was actually quite dependent on him and he was very patient with the baby.

Chu Qi had never been a patient person and when he previously faced crying children, he would not know what to do. Yet, now that he was taking care of a child, he seemed more at ease than an experienced woman.

When it came to feeding, bathing, and changing clothes and diapers for the little Princess, Chu Qi was quite adept at completing the tasks. Even the servants were not needed.

Chu Qi knew His Majesty was here even without Zhao Qian telling him.

He could tell by the footsteps.

Chu Qi knew that His Majesty was here to see Ji’er. He lowered his head and said a few words to Ji’er and patted her gently on the back to comfort her. When Long Yang came up to them, he handed Ji’er over.

Long Yang was recently busy with his work and seldom came to visit his children. This caused all three of his children to be slightly estranged from him.

It was especially so for Ji’er.

Ji’er had always been rather distant when it came to her father. Now that he had not visited for quite a while, she had completely forgotten about him.

She never liked it when strangers carried her, but if Chu Qi comforted her, she would comply.

Even though she was still young, she seemed to be able to understand Chu Qi’s words, which was why she did not resist much despite struggling a little with her small body and not cooperating too well when Long Yang was holding her in his arms.

She was almost two months old, and she looked even prettier than before. Her round little face looked healthy and she was now plumper than before, unlike how dry and skinny she was when she was at the foot of the cliff.

Long Yang felt relieved when he saw Ji’er.

He lowered his head and kissed her on her fair, tender forehead, then said softly, “Ji’er, I’m going on a long journey to the Yan Kingdom to bring your mother home. Be a good girl, okay?”

Ji’er seemed like she understood it as she began to make some noises. Her little hands were lifted just high enough to grab his collar.

Long Yang looked at her adoringly as he allowed her to play with this collar while his hands continued to hold her tightly.

After a while, he returned her to Chu Qi unwillingly.

When Long Yang saw the young man’s sightless eyes, he informed him, “I’m leaving on a long journey tomorrow. I’ll leave Ji’er to you. If you feel any issues with your health, let Chief Physician Lin know immediately.”

Chu Qi paused for a moment before replying in a low voice, “Alright.”

Long Yang gave Ji’er one last look while she was still in his hands.

The moment she was back in Chu Qi’s arms, her attention returned to Chu Qi and she ignored her father.

Long Yang smiled bitterly as he gave Chu Qi a jealous glance before finally turning away.

He was about to leave with Zhao Qian when the hunter and his wife returned from outside.

Both of them were a little flabbergasted to see him.

Long Yang took the lead to warmly ask them about how they were doing lately.

The hunter and his wife were taken aback by his concern and replied in a small voice, “Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty. We are both living here very well.”

Long Yang nodded. “That’s good. I’ll be leaving on a long journey and I would have to trouble both of you to take care of Chu Qi and the little princess.”

“You’re leaving on a long journey?” The hunter was slightly surprised.

Long Yang nodded but did not explain much. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

The hunter suddenly picked up the courage to say, “Would Your Majesty be willing to bring me along? I may not have any martial arts skills, but I’m still strong. I would like to be at Your Majesty’s side.”

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