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Chapter 1186: 1186

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He sighed. “Yaoyao, let go.” He made to unclench her fingers, but he had barely touched them when the little rascal pursed her lips and suddenly burst out crying.

“Master, I think Second Princess can’t bear for you to leave. She still wants you to continue carrying her,” said Zhao Qian.

When Long Yang saw the little rascal’s face filled with tears, he had no choice but to carry her in his arms again.

He imitated the way Lu Liangwei hugged Yaoyao and cajoled her, then walked around the room. His daughter eventually stopped crying, but she still looked quite pitiful with tear marks on her face.

Long Yang’s heart softened and he took the handkerchief Zhao Qian handed to him. He used the cloth to wipe her tears away gently.

“Yaoyao, I’m leaving tomorrow on a long journey to bring your mother home. Remember to be good and don’t cry.” Even though he knew she was still young and could not understand him, Long Yang could not help cajoling her softly when he saw how pitiful she was.

Long Yinyao seemed to understand his words as she stared back at him with her big, black eyes.

Long Yang smiled and handed her over to Nanny Chen, then he carried Long Yin over from Nanny Wang’s arms.

Compared to the ruckus Long Yinyao caused, Long Yin was very quiet.

He was the one that Long Yang worried about the least among the three children.

All Long Yin did was open his eyes to give Long Yang a lazy look while he was in his father’s arms. He showed neither affection nor repulsion toward Long Yang.

Long Yang found it very amusing when he saw how calm Long Yin was.

This child was so young, yet he was displaying such maturity. Nevertheless, such a characteristic was quite suitable for someone who was the older brother.

He carried the boy for a while before returning him to Nanny Wang. There was still some work to do in the imperial study and he did not stay for long.

Cathay Medicinal Shop.

After Ling Lihua had left for the frontier, the medicinal shop was left with only the old beggar and Youyou.

Even though Youyou was young, he was very smart and talented. He was already able to hold his own after getting lessons from Ling Lihua.

He was now the one in charge of diagnosing patients at the medicinal shop.

However, it was difficult for people to have confidence in him because he was so young.

Those who came to see him at the medicinal shop were mostly only returning customers.

Youyou could only help with illnesses like the common flu. When it came to serious illnesses, the patients would not go to him.

Even then, Ling Lihua’s reputation as a genius physician was still able to attract many customers to come here for medicinal herbs.

The old beggar had just sent off a customer when he saw Zhao Qian coming toward the medicinal shop.

He was a little surprised. “What are you doing here?”

There were still customers in the medicinal shop, which was why the old beggar did not reveal Zhao Qian’s identity.

Zhao Qian gave him a subtle nod before saying, “I’m here to see you on my master’s orders.”

The old beggar felt a chill in his heart as he asked carefully, “What orders does your master have for me?”

“It’s not convenient to speak here. Let’s go to the backyard,” said Zhao Qian. He darted a look at the young boy focusing on getting medicinal herbs for a customer before walking toward the backyard.

The old beggar followed Zhao Qian’s gaze, which pointed at Youyou, and his heart sank.

He pushed the uneasy feeling away as he walked over to Youyou to inform him of the situation, then he followed Zhao Qian to the backyard.

Zhao Qian was already waiting for him.

The old beggar wanted to serve him some tea, but Zhao Qian refused the offer.

“There’s no need to get busy over that. I need to return promptly after talking to you.”

The old beggar did not object, but there were more and more questions building up in his mind. However, he did not let it show on his face and waited for Zhao Qian to speak first.

Zhao Qian did not beat around the bush and immediately informed the old beggar of the purpose of the visit. “I’ll be heading to the Yan Kingdom with my master tomorrow.”

The old beggar’s heart stirred at the mention of the Yan Kingdom, but did not let his expression waver.

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