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Chapter 1190: 1190

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Lu Liangwei was not at all surprised to see the pathetic state Long Chi and his lackeys were in.

She sat down in a chair and shot Long Chi a look. “Hand over the key!”

The moment she appeared, Long Chi’s eyes were glued to her.

His leer made Lu Liangwei’s stomach churn, but now was still not the time to kill him.

“I refuse.” After staring at her for a while, Long Chi suddenly let out a low chuckle.

“That’s not up to you!” With a grim face, Long Xuan stepped forward and started searching all over his body.

Long Chi’s smile dropped.

Soon, Long Xuan found a dainty silver key on him.

The corners of his mouth turned up in a smug smile, and he waved the key in his face as a silent act of mockery.

Long Chi narrowed his eyes threateningly.

Unfazed, Long Xuan turned and passed the key to Chu Jiu. “Go ahead, try it.”

Chu Jiu took it from him and immediately went up to Lu Liangwei to undo her chains.

As expected, the key successfully unlocked the chains on her wrists and the ones on her feet.

When the heavy chains were finally removed, Lu Liangwei instantly felt a weight being lifted off her mind and body.

She rotated her wrists and stood up. Then, she raised her hand and gave Long Chi a hard slap on the face.

The impact sent Long Chi’s head to turn sideways, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

Never in his life had he been slapped in the face, and being struck by the person he loved did not make it any more acceptable either. Livid with rage, he glared at Lu Liangwei.

However, Lu Liangwei ignored him.

Hitting him felt good indeed, but it also hurt her hand.

She wanted to give him a few more slaps to make up for the humiliation he had put her through, but the stinging pain on her palm made her give up.

“Right after you’ve disposed of all three of them, we’ll return to Great Shang.” Lu Liangwei’s gaze was fixed upon Long Xuan as she spoke.

Long Xuan’s eyes flashed knowingly.

She was probably thinking that he would not be able to kill his own brother, Long Chi.

He had to admit that she was right.

No matter how hateful Long Chi was, they still shared the same blood.

However, instead of hiding his reluctance, he met Lu Liangwei’s gaze calmly and gave her a rueful smile. “To be honest, I really can’t bring myself to kill him. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take pity on him and plead mercy for him.” The next instant, he whipped out his broken sword and slashed Liu Fu and Jiang Chong’s throats, killing them in one move.

Their eyes went wide, and they toppled to the floor in a pool of blood.

Lu Liangwei was impressed by Long Xuan’s honesty. She could understand his inner conflict, so she did not force him.

She just wanted him to take a stand.

Without waiting for her order, Chu Jiu drew her sword.

Long Chi’s face was deathly pale as he looked at the woman standing before him, indifferent to his imminent demise. Right before Chu Jiu plunged her sword into his heart, he suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

Chu Jiu paused and looked toward Lu Liangwei for her instruction.

Lu Liangwei said flatly, “Any last words?”

Her apathy startled Long Chi, smothering his belief that she still had feelings for him.

After a long moment of stunned silence, he finally rasped, “Lu Liangwei, do you really hate me that much? Do you really feel nothing for me at all?”

Lu Liangwei chuckled, but her voice was cold. “You’re wrong.”

Long Chi’s eyes lit up with hope, but the light was immediately snuffed out by her following words.

“I never loved you, so why’d I hate you? Why would I feel anything for you? But I do despise every bit of your existence!” Lu Liangwei finished calmly as Chu Jiu raised her sword once again.

There was nothing but despair in Long Chi’s eyes.

The next instant, the sword pierced through his chest, ending his life once and for all.

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