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Chapter 1195: 1195

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Once they had left, Long Xuan came closer. “What should we do now?”

Lu Liangwei’s gaze swept across the palace cavalry surrounding them. She shook her head. “We’ll do nothing for now. When the time comes, you should enter the Palace as an envoy and meet the Emperor. I have informed them that His Majesty would send another batch of envoys over. I believe this will keep them on their toes. They won’t do anything to us.”

“How do you know Royal Uncle would be sending another batch of envoys?” Long Xuan was curious about how confident she sounded about this.

“I got Yuan Xin to help me send a letter a few days ago. If everything goes to plan, your Royal Uncle should have received my news by now. If he has already found out about this, he would be sure to send someone over. Coincidentally, it’s the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor’s birthday. The dispatched party would surely be sent to the Yan Kingdom as envoys,” Lu Liangwei said firmly.

“That’s very perceptive of you, Royal Aunt.” Long Xuan gave her a thumbs up. “If everything goes smoothly, the people from the Yan Kingdom might even send us out of the gates courteously once the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor’s birthday is over.”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “This would all depend on if your Royal Uncle really sent people here.” If the envoy of Great Shang arrived after a few days, they would be able to leave the Yan Kingdom safely. “Let’s see how things go in another few days.”

Long Xuan nodded. “We’ll follow your instructions, Royal Aunt.” There were only a little more than twenty of them. It would still be possible for them to fight their way out of there, but it would require great sacrifice. His Royal Aunt would not want them to see them lose their lives this way.

If there was a better alternative, he would not want any of his men to be sacrificed either.

It was ideal if the number of people who came would also be the same number who returned safely.

“By the way, are you done with whatever you had to do?” Lu Liangwei asked.

“Yes. It’s all done.” Long Xuan pointed to a cloth bag hung on the horse saddle.

Lu Liangwei glanced at it. Even though it was covered in cloth, she could vaguely make out that it was round in shape.

It was probably an urn.

When Lu Liangwei went by Yuan Xin’s horse-drawn carriage, she noticed Beitang Rui getting off his horse and was now standing next to the carriage. He seemed to be talking to Yuan Xin, but Yuan Xin did not show her face.

Lu Liangwei smiled and rode her horse over. She knocked on the side of the carriage. “Yuan Xin.”

The tightly shut curtains opened under the jealous eyes of Beitang Rui and Yuan Xin’s face appeared.

“Lu Er?” Yuan Xin was a little surprised to see the person outside of the carriage. “Why are you…” She immediately realized something when she saw the palace cavalry surrounding them and she glared at Beitang Rui.

Beitang Rui frowned. He had planned to lecture her, but when he saw her perfectly fine left cheek, he stood there, stunned. “Your face…”

Yuan Xin ignored him and looked at Lu Liangwei to say, “Where are you going now?”

“To the coaching inn. Come on over and visit me whenever you’re free. I should be returning to Great Shang after the birthday of your noble country’s Emperor.”

Yuan Xin cheered up when she heard this. “That’s wonderful. I’ll visit you tomorrow.”


“By the way, are you done with your work?” Yuan Xin noticed the chains were gone from her hands, hence she asked the question.

“Yes. Everything has been solved. It’s all thanks to your help.” A smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s face as she thanked Yuan Xin sincerely.

“I’m the one who should be thanking you,” said Yuan Xin as she touched her left cheek. No words were needed for the meaning of this exchange.

They walked as they chatted, completely ignoring Beitang Rui behind them.

Beitang Rui looked a little moodily at Yuan Xin and suddenly went forward to instruct the coachman, “Let’s return to Prince Rui Mansion.”

The coachman did not dare reply as he waited for Yuan Xin’s orders.

Yuan Xin said lazily, “I haven’t been home for a while. Let’s return to Prince Rui Mansion.”

Beitang Rui glared at her but said nothing.

Yuan Xin and Lu Liangwei looked at each other and smiled.

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