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Chapter 1197: Lu Er Was Unreserved

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Chu Jiu realized what was going through her mind and could not stop her lips from twitching. She had no idea how to explain this.

Yuan Xin said blankly, “I can’t believe Lu Er could be this unreserved.”

Chu Jiu glanced at her. Yuan Xin probably wanted to say Her Highness had a pretty unique taste to fall for her senior.

However, His Majesty was indeed Her Highness’ senior, so technically, there was no fault in Princess Consort Rui’s thoughts.

Lu Liangwei lay in the man’s arms, taking in his familiar scent which gave her a sense of security. The thought of them being apart and everything she had been through suddenly washed over her. She did not want to put on a strong front any longer and her tears began to flow, wetting the front of Long Yang’s shirt.

Long Yang’s arms tightened around her, hugging her closer in his arms. His soulful eyes closed slightly as he sniffed the fragrance of her hair. The feeling of regaining something he had lost filled his heart.

He had finally found his Weiwei.

Long Yang closed his eyes.

It took him quite a while to control the emotions overwhelming him. He sighed gently as he caressed her long hair. He choked with a sob. “Weiwei, you had to suffer so much because I came too late.”

Lu Liangwei had already pulled herself together by now. She lifted her head and looked at him tearfully.

She was not a weak person. Lu Liangwei had been able to rely on herself whenever she was in trouble or danger during this time, however, in Long Yang’s eyes right now, all of her strength had dissolved in an instant. All she showed was unlimited sadness as she sobbed quietly. “Why are you here?”

It crushed Long Yang’s heart to see the tears on her face. It was not difficult to imagine how much she had suffered during this time.

He lifted his hand and gently wiped away the tears from her cheek as he said softly, “I’m here to bring you home.”

Lu Liangwei knew he had a lot of work to do and it was not easy for him to make this trip. Moreover, it was a long journey to the Yan Kingdom.

However, he had still come for her.

She pressed her lips. Her heart was filled with emotion.

A long moment passed before she managed to keep her emotions in check. She frowned and said in disapproval, “Who’s taking care of our children if you’re here?”

“They have Grandmother to care for them.” Long Yang held her tight in his arms and could not bear to let her go.

He finally felt his heart at ease when he held her soft body in his arms.

Long Yang lowered his head to kiss her on the forehead. His gaze fell onto her red lips and the look in his eyes darkened slightly.

Just as he was about to lower his head, he heard a soft cough.

Long Yang paused in his action and looked over at the sound. He saw a woman watching them from not far away.

Lu Liangwei had heard the cough too and she suddenly remembered Yuan Xin was there. She quickly pushed him away. Her face was slightly red as she felt a little embarrassed. She had noticed what Long Yang was about to do just now and she felt even more embarrassed by it.

She had totally forgotten that Yuan Xin was present.

Long Yang was a little unhappy about being pushed away by Lu Liangwei and he gave her an upset look.

Lu Liangwei noticed this and had no choice but to hold his hand in hers again. There was no way of avoiding this, so she decided to openly turn and face Yuan Xin who was sizing her up.

She coughed softly and said to Yuan Xin, “Yuan Xin, this is my husband.” After that, she turned to Long Yang and said, “This is Yuan Xin. She has given me a lot of help during my time in the Yan Kingdom.”

The look on Long Yang’s face softened when he heard this. He gave Yuan Xin a nod. “Thank you for taking care of my wife!”

Yuan Xin was slightly astonished when she heard their words. She looked at Lu Liangwei and blurted, “But didn’t you tell me a few days ago that he is your uncle?”

Lu Liangwei felt quite awkward. When she saw the man’s face darken, she quickly denied this. “You’ve heard me wrong. I didn’t say anything like that.”

Yuan Xin looked questioningly at her. She was sure she did not mishear Lu Liangwei, but she could vaguely guess what happened by the unhappy look on the man’s face.

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