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Chapter 121: None Other Than You, Lu Liangwei

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Chapter 121: None Other Than You, Lu Liangwei

“Hmm?” Long Yang turned to look at her, raising his eyebrows at the sight of her excited little face.

“This.” Lu Liangwei took out his dagger and brandished it. “Your Majesty’s dagger is sharp enough that chopping a few branches should be easy.”

Before Long Yang could realize what her so-called idea was, in a flash, she had already retrieved a stack of branches, each as thick as a baby’s arm, as well as a bunch of vines.

As he watched Lu Liangwei busying herself on the ground, Long Yang seemed to have thought of something. He walked over, squatted down beside her, and started to help.

Before long, a simple stretcher was ready.

Long Yang stared at the stretcher on the ground and asked hesitantly, “A raft?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “You could say so, but I call it a simple stretcher.” As she spoke, she dragged the stretcher over to where Chu Yi lay and beckoned Long Yang over. “Your Majesty, please give me a hand.”

Long Yang gazed at her deeply before stepping forward.

Lu Liangwei did not realize at the time that it was extremely disrespectful of her to give instructions to an emperor. As he walked over, she continued to order him, “Help me lift Chu Yi onto the stretcher.”

Long Yang raised his eyebrows, not commenting on her insolent behavior.

After lifting Chu Yi onto the stretcher, Lu Liangwei handed Long Yang the vine that was tied to one end of the stretcher. She then pointed to the path leading down the mountain and said with a grin, “Your Majesty, we can leave now.”

Long Yang glanced at the vine in his hand, then suddenly flicked her forehead with his finger. “The only person in this world who dares to order me around is none other than you, Lu Liangwei.”

Thwack! Lu Liangwei winced in pain as she rubbed her forehead. A red mark had already appeared there.

Seeing this, Long Yang sighed. “Your skin is so delicate that it can’t even stand a light hit.”

Lu Liangwei stopped rubbing and retorted indignantly, “You’re no worse than me when it comes to delicate skin, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang paused and gave her a sidelong glance. “Oh really? Even so, my skin won’t become that red with just a touch.”

Lu Liangwei blinked. “You don’t believe me?”

“Of course not.”

“Then do you dare to let me flick you?”

“Lu Liangwei, you’re acting insolent in front of your Emperor!” Long Yang’s voice suddenly deepened.

Lu Liangwei came back to her senses and curtsied to him properly. “I’ve overstepped. Please forgive me, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang looked at her coolly, then let out a sudden chuckle. “I was kidding. Why are you so cautious?”

Lu Liangwei patted her chest. “You scared me to death. I thought you were going to punish me, Your Majesty.”

At the sight of her courteous behavior, Long Yang’s initial expression faded. His eyes darkened as he recalled what she had said when they were killing the wolf earlier on.

Was he really that old?

Sensing a sudden change in the atmosphere, Lu Liangwei could not help but raise her eyes and glance at him. His gaze was downturned, his thick, jet-black eyelashes concealing the emotions in his eyes, and his expression seemed indifferent.

From her point of view, his chiseled side profile radiated a coldness, and his thin lips were tightly pressed together, making him seem extremely unapproachable.

“Your Majesty?”

Long Yang set his thoughts aside and shot a glance at her. “Let’s go.” With that, he pulled the stretcher and set off down the mountain.

Lu Liangwei struggled to carry the huge cloth bundle filled with various medicinal materials on her back. Slinging the other bag she brought with her over her arm, she followed Long Yang with some difficulty.

After taking a few steps, Long Yang stopped suddenly in his tracks.

Lu Liangwei also stopped, not knowing what he was doing. To her surprise, he turned around, reached out an arm, and took the cloth bundle on her back effortlessly.

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