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Chapter 1213: Helping To Relieve Her Aching

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“Do you not like it when I’m happy?” Lu Liangwei pouted as she questioned him.

“That’s not what I meant.” Long Yang lifted her into his arms. “Did you just wake up?”

“Yes.” She looked at him with a hint of accusation at the mention of this. “It’s all your fault…”

“How is it my fault?” Long Yang asked despite knowing perfectly well the reason. He carried her over and sat on a chair while his fingers massaged her legs, helping to relieve her aching.

“Jiu thought you hit me last night.” Remembering this, Lu Liangwei shot him a teasing look.

Long Yang paused in his actions and raised an eyebrow. “Why would she have such a misunderstanding?”

Lu Liangwei looked at him with a small smile but said nothing.

A thought crossing his mind, Long Yang’s eyebrows went further up his head. “Did you say something about me behind my back?”

“No, I didn’t.” Lu Liangwei was not going to let herself be blamed for this. “She saw it with her own eyes.”

“What did she see?” Long Yang looked at Lu Liangwei curiously.

“She saw…” Lu Liangwei stopped speaking when she saw Chu Jiu enter the room.

Another person was led into the room to set the dishes on the table, then Chu Jiu invited Long Yang and Lu Liangwei to have their meal.

Long Yang got up, took Lu Liangwei’s hand, and walked over to the table. When he walked past Chu Jiu, he remembered what Weiwei said to him and asked Chu Jiu bluntly, “Chu Jiu, why did you think that I hit Weiwei?”

Chu Jiu had been standing motionlessly and looking straight ahead, but when she heard His Majesty’s words, she was taken aback.

Nevertheless, she quickly pulled herself together and turned to look at Lu Liangwei.

When she saw Lu Liangwei winking at her, she suddenly recalled what Lu Liangwei had said about His Majesty using his mouth, and her face turned red.

Chu Jiu lowered her head quickly as she stammered, “Please forgive my stupidity for having misunderstood Your Majesty. Please do not be angered, Your Majesty.”

Lu Liangwei was tickled by Chu Jiu’s mention of ‘stupidity’ and burst out laughing.

Chu Jiu was incredibly embarrassed when she realized why Lu Liangwei was laughing, and she wished she could disappear into a hole. Her face flushed shades of green and red, feeling completely clueless about how to face both of them. All Chu Jiu could do was say, “If there is nothing else, I will take my leave.” With that, she slipped away before Long Yang could say another word.

Long Yang carried Lu Liangwei, who was still laughing heartily, and set her down on his lap. He pinched her face which was red from all the laughter and said exasperatedly, “Are you done laughing?”

It took quite an effort for Lu Liangwei to stop laughing and she looked at him, finding it a little difficult to explain the reason for her laughter.

“What exactly were you planning to say?” Long Yang frowned.

“Nothing.”Lu Liangwei shook her head with a slight pout and served him a bowl of soup. “Here, have your meal. I haven’t had breakfast today and I’m really hungry.”

Long Yang stopped asking questions when he heard that she had not eaten today. He urged her to drink some soup and passed her a bowl of rice.

“By the way, Chu Jiu mentioned that the Prime Minister came here to see you. Was he here because of the thing from yesterday?” Lu Liangwei asked as she ate.

“Yes,” Long Yang replied.

“Did he admit to it?” Lu Liangwei asked. She was referring to the will left behind by the late Emperor of the Yan Kingdom.

“Yes.” Long Yang did not hide anything from her and added, “He was part of the party that supported the late Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom, but the late Emperor was a man who did not trust anyone, which was why the Prime Minister has only been assisting the Crown Prince in secret and has never made it public. That’s how the Prime Minister managed to stay safe when the Crown Prince was found guilty of treachery. He has been secretly searching for the Crown Prince’s son all these years.”

Lu Liangwei was astonished. “He has the Yan Kingdom’s late Emperor’s will and is secretly searching for the late Crown Prince’s son. Could he be…”

“He wants to help the late Crown Prince’s son ascend the throne.” Long Yang picked up where she stopped. “I wasn’t sure before, but now I can confirm that Yuan Zheng had always sworn his loyalty to the Yan Kingdom’s late Crown Prince. However, the Crown Prince has passed away so many years ago, and he can only transfer his wishes to the Crown Prince’s son.”

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