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Chapter 1228: Everything Had Been Settled

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Lu Liangwei was taken aback. She stared at his face. “Were you awake the entire night?”

Long Yang bent over to get close to her. “Yes.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart skipped a bit when he suddenly only inches away from her. She mumbled in a small voice, “Why do you look so full of spirit?” It was hard to tell that he was exhausted and sleep-deprived. She could not help cupping his face with her hands, checking him over and over before saying, “Do you feel tired?”

Long Yang pecked her on the lips and smiled. “Are you worried for me?”

Lu Liangwei felt her worries subside when she heard this. She pouted. “Do I still need to be worried when you’re so full of energy?”

Long Yang held her hand and smiled. He got up and said, “Let’s go and have breakfast. You can accompany me for some sleep later.”

“By the way, did everything go to plan?” Lu Liangwei remembered the fight for the throne last night.

“Yes. Beitang You has been brought into the Palace by Yuan Zheng. He should ascend to the throne within the next few days,” Long Yang said casually.

Even though this was the expected result, Lu Liangwei still felt slightly surprised by how smoothly everything went.

“That Emperor of the Yan Kingdom gave up the throne so easily?”

“What else could he do?” Long Yang pinched her cheek and looked at her with a smile. “That man had only won the throne through inappropriate means. Moreover, with someone forcing him off the throne last night and Yuan Zheng coming in to put a stop to the mess, it’s only a matter of time before the contents of the will were revealed.”

Lu Liangwei nodded and did not ask any further questions.

She knew very well that even though Long Yang waited in the side hall with her in his arms, he was deeply involved in this fight for the throne. Otherwise, Yuan Zheng would not have been able to help Beitang You take over the country so quickly.

The Emperor’s birthday and the prince’s rebellion to seize the throne had given Yuan Zheng the opportunity to save the Emperor’s life. Then all he needed to do was reveal the will and put everything back into place. The Palace’s internal conflict forced the Emperor to make a decision according to the situation.

No matter how one looked at it, this was all carefully planned.

That said, the struggle for the royal throne had always been built on the foundation of great power and plotting.

She was happy for Youyou.

The best thing about the situation was that since everything had been settled here, she would be able to return to Great Shang with Long Yang.

The thought of seeing her children cheered her up tremendously.

“When do you think we can go home?”

Long Yang knew she missed their children and he rubbed her head, saying gently, “In another two days. We’ll return after Beitang You’s coronation.”

Lu Liangwei suppressed her excitement when she heard this and nodded. “I’ll follow your plan.”

No matter how urgently she wanted to return, she had to at least wait until Youyou’s position was cemented in the imperial court. She also hoped Long Yang would be able to teach Youyou the ways of an Emperor.

Even though Yuan Zheng was loyal to the late Crown Prince, one never knew when things might change. Youyou was still young. If he could get some pointers from Long Yang, it would be very beneficial for the young boy.

While she was mulling over these things, she suddenly heard the loud galloping of horses from outside the coaching inn. Not long after that, a man dressed in a general’s uniform walked in with another person in tow.

“Our Emperor would like to invite both esteemed guests for a visit to the Palace.”

It was none other than the old beggar.

Lu Liangwei would not have recognized him in military attire if not for his voice.


The old beggar took a few steps forward. A benevolent smile appeared on his face once more. He was filled with gratitude for both of them, especially for Lu Liangwei. She had previously cured him of poison, and if it was not for her, he and Youyou would never have lived to see this day.

It was also on her account that the Emperor of Great Shang had offered to help Youyou reclaim the throne.

As he reminisced about the past, he said with a serious look on his face, “Second Miss Lu, My surname is Zhang, and my given name is Yu.”

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