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Chapter 123: Engrossed In His Reverie

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Chapter 123: Engrossed In His Reverie

Long Yang darted a glance at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei stuck her tongue out and stood up to make her escape.

Long Yang turned his gaze away after watching the young lady mount her horse and said offhandedly, “Get up. We need to be back before the sky turns dark.”

“Yes.” Chu Yi stood up quickly. The adult man was actually red in the eyes. He looked like he was about to cry.

He was extremely touched. His master may look cold and unfeeling most of the time, but he had never expected his master would disregard the danger at the crucial moment, jumping to the bottom of the cliff to save him.

He knew he was right about his master being a man who was cold on the surface but warm at heart. The Emperor had a heart that was warmer and gentler than any man.

While he was engrossed in his reverie, he felt an ice-cold gaze, which lacked any hint of warmth, sweeping toward him. He gave a start and immediately brushed off all improper thoughts in his mind and quickly climbed onto his horse.

Lu Liangwei pulled on the reins of her horse and said to Long Yang, “Have a safe journey, Your Majesty. This humble servant of yours will take her leave first.”

Long Yang’s eyes moved slightly, as if about to say something when he suddenly heard the urgent gallop of a horse coming from the front.

Lu Liangwei heard it as well and she immediately had a bad feeling about this. She quickly turned toward Long Yang. “Your Majesty, would you prefer to conceal yourself?”

Long Yang understood her intention. Whoever was approaching might be from the Grand Duke Mansion.

If they found him with Lu Liangwei, it might create a huge uproar.

“Don’t approach those people hastily before making sure of their identities,” he reminded her before leading his horse and Chu Yi into the forest.

They did not go too far away. They stopped at the forest entrance, planning to rush out and save Lu Liangwei at the first chance should the newcomers not be from the Grand Duke Mansion and something serious happened.

Lu Liangwei understood his concern. She would not approach those people hurriedly before making sure of who they were.

She stood where she was. If things took a turn for the worse, she would be able to make a run into the forest and hide at the first opportunity.

The sky was getting dark, after all, and this was a deserted mountain. There might be unpredictable dangers.

Just as Lu Liangwei had fully put on her guard, a man dressed in black armor appeared within her sight. He was also wearing a black cloak which flapped from the speed of the blowing wind.

The man looked serious and grim. When he was not smiling, he looked extremely powerful. Anyone who saw him would be immediately filled with awe and respect.

Lu Liangwei’s highly alert stance immediately relaxed as she rode forward to greet him. “Father.”

The man was Lu Hetian.

The personal guards he had sent to protect Lu Liangwei had quickly realized something was not right. However, Zhu Yu had been using a variety of excuses to stop them from entering her mistress’ room. She had managed to buy some time and by the time news had reached Lu Hetian, Lu Liangwei had already arrived at Sacred Hillock Peak.

Lu Hetian was scared out of his wits when he found out Lu Liangwei had set off for Sacred Hillock Peak on her own. He immediately ditched his army duties and banded his personal guards together hurriedly to search for Lu Liangwei.

He feared he would be too late to save his precious daughter from impending danger.

Even those from the pugilistic world were wary about stepping foot into Sacred Hillock Peak, which was a notoriously dangerous place. She was just a young girl, yet she was bold enough to venture into these mountains. It was equivalent to throwing her life away.

He was never a superstitious person, but his heart prayed continuously to any deities he could think of to protect Lu Liangwei while he traveled over. If she was in one piece, he would be willing to offer ten years of his life.

His highly-strung heart finally relaxed when he heard his daughter’s soft, sweet voice.

He almost fell off from his horse when he felt a wave of much-needed relief.

He held on tight to his reins and watched his approaching daughter. His eyes anxiously checked her all over. He finally relaxed completely when he saw that even though her clothes were a little dirty and she looked disheveled, she did not seem to be hurt.

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