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Chapter 1235: 1235

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Chapter 1235: Weiwei Said She Loved The Emperor Deeply

When he met the girl’s mischievous gaze, he immediately realized what it was and narrowed his eyes, wanting to feed it back to her.

However, Lu Liangwei turned her head slightly, and his lips ended up grazing her cheek.

Panting, she said, “Don’t you dare give it back to me!”

Long Yang tried to negotiate with her. “Let’s split it in half.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

He wanted to split that tiny sugar-coated haw in half? Seriously?

She raised the stick with the remaining two sugar-coated haws. “I still have more here.”

Long Yang glanced at it, but he eventually stopped arguing and ate the haw in silence.

Lu Liangwei watched him as he ate, noting the blatant distaste on his face.

She could not blame him for that—it was true that only girls and children liked eating sugar-coated haws.

However, it was rare to see the Emperor behave so reluctantly.

Just when she was about to eat the two remaining haws, the man seized one of them with his teeth before she could.

Lu Liangwei was surprised. “I thought you didn’t like… Mmph!”

In the end, the last two haws were shared between them.

When the haws were finally finished, Lu Liangwei’s face was already beet-red, and Long Yang’s breathing was a little disordered too.

Lu Liangwei nestled in his arms, and after catching her breath, looked up at him. “Are you still mad?”

Long Yang smoothed her hair with his big hand. He had unraveled her bun in the midst of their heated moment, and her long tresses now cascaded over her shoulders.

“I’m not mad.” He sighed softly. The age gap between him and Weiwei was undeniably huge—huge enough for him to be considered her father—and he had always known that, though it had not stopped him from forcefully marrying her. However, that was back when they were in the imperial capital; even if people did have stuff to say about their union, they did it in private, hence none of their comments reached his ears.

Just now on the street, the vendor had been unaware of his identity, thus his remark had taken him by surprise and made him… a little upset.

He loved this girl, but he did not want people to think of them as father and daughter.

She was his wife, his empress.

His fingers caressed her delicate face as he smiled ruefully. “But it’s true that I’m much older than you…” So much older that I can be your father, he thought. He remembered that this girl had once asked to be his goddaughter.

Lu Liangwei wrapped her arms around his waist and said softly, “So what? Age doesn’t really mean anything. You may be much older than me, but I know you well. You love me, and I love you deeply too, so why should we worry about what other people say?”

Long Yang was touched by her words.

It was the first time he heard Weiwei say she loved him. In fact, she said she loved him deeply.

His lips curved into a smile, the last bit of gloom in his heart dispelled by her confession.

Holding her tight in his arms, he replied in a low voice, “You’re right.”

Lu Liangwei heaved a sigh of relief.

After a while, Long Yang gently pushed her away and tapped the tip of her notice. “You just had sugar-coated haws, so you’d better rinse your mouth or you’ll get a toothache.”

“You had some too.” Lu Liangwei’s eyes crinkled as she grinned.

“Yes, so let’s go rinse our mouths together.” Long Yang smiled, then put an arm around her shoulder and steered her to the table.

Their party stayed for one night at the West Water Frontier and set out after breakfast the next day.

Long Yang had left the imperial capital on the pretext of rewarding the soldiers at the frontier, hence they had to make a detour to the frontier before returning to the imperial capital.

Lu Liangwei had not seen her parents and brother for a long time, too, so she agreed to Long Yang’s plan.

For the time being, she had no choice but to suppress her yearning for her children.

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