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Chapter 1239: Inhaled Sharply From The Pain

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Chapter 1239: Inhaled Sharply From The Pain

Ling Lihua seized the opportunity to smack Lu Tingchen on the back of his head. “How could you treat a lady like that? You’re not that young anymore, you know. If you keep behaving like this, no lady will want to marry you.”

Lu Tingchen shot her a look. “When have I ever said that I wanted to get married?”

Ling Lihua paused for a second before narrowing her eyes. “What else are you going to do, then? You’d better not tell me you’re into men—if that’s true, your grandmother will break your legs for sure!”

Lu Tingchen was flabbergasted. “Mother, you’re not that young anymore too. Why do you keep having senseless thoughts like that? Does Father know about this?”

Lu Hetian glared at him. “You have a problem with your mother?”

Lu Tingchen, “…”

Ever since his parents got back together, he had become an outsider while his father had become an uxorious husband who could not stand any criticism directed toward his wife.

“No.” After a long while, he replied sulkily.

Gazing at his manly, valorous face, Ling Lihua was suddenly filled with worry. After pondering for a moment, she bypassed Lu Tingchen and said to Lu Hetian, “Let’s write Mother a letter in a few days and ask her to select a suitable lady for Tingchen. That way, they can get married as soon as possible after we get back.”

Lu Hetian agreed.

Their son was already twenty, which was way past the normal age for marriage, and the fact that he was now at the frontier made things worse. If they did not start planning his marriage soon, he might remain a bachelor forever.

“Very well, then. I’ll write a letter and have someone send it to Mother tomorrow.”

Lu Tingchen grew agitated as he listened to his parents discuss his marriage. “Does it have to be so rushed?”

Ling Lihua shot him a sidelong glance, then said to Lu Hetian, “Then that’s settled.”

Lu Tingchen, “…”

Maybe he was not their biological son, after all.

Lu Tingchen was a little dejected.

After examining Chu Jiu, Lu Liangwei finally heaved a sigh of relief and said to Lu Tingchen, “Big Bro, Jiu has a fever. All those days of traveling with me must have worn her out and made her faint from exhaustion. Can you carry her to a tent and let her rest there?”

“Why me?” Lu Tingchen frowned in displeasure at his sister.

“I’m not strong enough to carry her, so you have to do it, of course,” said Lu Liangwei stoutly.

Lu Tingchen looked at Lu Hetian. “Why can’t Father carry her?”

Next to Ling Lihua, Lu Hetian knitted his brow and said, “How can I carry women other than your mother?” After a pause, he added, “She’ll get jealous.”

Right away, he felt a hard pinch on his waist from said jealous woman, and he inhaled sharply from the pain.

Lu Tingchen and Lu Liangwei exchanged a glance before looking away wordlessly.

Both siblings were thinking the same thing, ‘Father, you’re not that young anymore. Don’t you feel embarrassed, acting all lovey-dovey in front of your children?’

Lu Tingchen adjusted his sleeves, then stepped forward and scooped Chu Jiu into his arms.

Lu Liangwei followed her brother out of the main tent.

After ordering his men to prepare an empty tent, Lu Tingchen carried Chu Jiu inside.

The moment he laid her on the bed, the unconscious woman’s eyes suddenly flew open. When she saw the man’s face just inches away from hers, her pupils shrank, and a layer of ice filled them.

Startled by her frosty gaze, Lu Tingchen loosened his hold on her, but just when he was about to step away, Chu Jiu seized his wrist and said hoarsely, “What were you trying to do?”

Lu Tingchen was stunned for a moment, then he arched an eyebrow. “What do you think I was trying to do?”

Horrified by the close proximity of the man’s face to hers and his cool, clear scent, Chu Jiu clenched her fist and threw a punch in his face. “Get away from me!”

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