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Chapter 1240: Never Carried Any Other Girl

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Chapter 1240: Never Carried Any Other Girl

A dark shadow fell across Lu Tingchen’s face. He effortlessly caught the punch she threw at him and said coldly, “You’re not thinking that I did something to you, are you? Take a good look at yourself. Even if I was desperate, I wouldn’t go for someone like you.”

Chu Jiu might have regained consciousness, but she felt dizzy and awful. Her entire body felt weak and limp, and she could not muster any strength.

When her fist was grabbed by Lu Tingchen, she was unable to pull away. When she heard his sarcastic remark, her face flushed tinges of green and red as she choked on her words, unable to retort.

Lu Tingchen noticed that Chu Jiu was weaker than usual. As a man who would never give trouble to a woman, he promptly released her hand.

At that moment, Lu Liangwei walked in with some medicine that a soldier had helped to boil.

She was delighted to see Chu Jiu awake. “You’re awake, Jiu.”

Lu Tingchen glanced at the medicinal broth in her hands and said, “I’ve helped to carry her here. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving.”

“Thanks, Big Brother,” Lu Liangwei said sweetly.

“Silly girl!” Lu Tingchen reprimanded her. He reached out to tousle her hair. He was finally able to rub her head again since His Majesty was not around right now.

After Lu Tingchen left, Lu Liangwei carried the medicinal broth over and sat by the bed. She scooped some with a spoon and blew on it before feeding it to Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu was taken aback when she saw this. She tried to sit up. “Let me do it myself, Your Highness.”

“Don’t move. You aren’t feeling well. You should be good and lie down in bed.” Lu Liangwei quickly stopped her.

Chu Jiu was not used to being fed medicine by others. Moreover, the person in question was the Empress.

“It’s fine. I can continue resting in bed after I’ve finished the medicine.”

When Lu Liangwei saw how determined she was, she propped up Chu Jiu with a pillow and handed the medicine to her.

Chu Jiu took it from her and finished the broth in one gulp.

Lu Liangwei helped her lie down and said casually, “Big Brother was the one who found you unconscious in front of the main tent. He was also the one who carried you in here.”

Chu Jiu had mixed feelings about this. The thought of the misunderstanding she had earlier made her blush slightly.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Chu Jiu felt grateful for Lu Liangwei, who had been busy taking care of her.

Lu Liangwei waved her off. “What’s there to thank me for? You’ve taken care of me more often in the past.”

“It’s my responsibility.” Chu Jiu shook her head.

“That’s enough. You don’t need to be so polite about it. I treat you like a big sister,” said Lu Liangwei. She even purposely called out sweetly, “Big Sis Jiu.”

Chu Jiu nearly burst out laughing. “Stop teasing me, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei patted her hand and stopped the teasing. “Alright. Your body is still weak. I won’t disturb you any longer. Hurry up and get some rest.”

When Chu Jiu saw Lu Liangwei was about to leave, she quickly called out, “Your Highness, please thank Heir Presumptive Lu for me.”

Lu Liangwei turned back to glance at her when she heard this. When she saw the slightly awkward look on Chu Jiu’s face, something clicked in her mind and she smiled as she said, “Hmm, indeed, you should be thanking my big brother. After all, he did help you out by carrying you to the main tent, and then carrying you here after that. But I think it would be more sincere if you thanked him personally.” At this point, she added, “My big brother has never carried any other girl besides me. You’re the first.”

With that, she gave Chu Jiu one last meaningful look and left.

Chu Jiu had no idea why Her Highness would say those words to her.

However, she really should thank him in person.

Lu Tingchen was an annoying person. He must have helped her because he had no choice, and not out of the goodness in his heart.

Now, she was needlessly indebted to him.

Chu Jiu felt a little troubled over this.

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