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Chapter 1241: I Am But An Ordinary Woman

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Chapter 1241: I Am But An Ordinary Woman

Lu Liangwei headed to the main tent after leaving Chu Jiu’s tent.

Long Yang had already returned and was currently seated inside the main tent, listening to Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen reporting the recent situation at the army camp.

Lu Liangwei chose not to go in when she saw this, but instead inspected the quarantine zone with Ling Lihua.

The plague was now under control and the sick soldiers were slowly recovering.

When Ling Lihua appeared, everyone greeted her with grateful looks on their faces.

A few commoner physicians wore looks of admiration.

They were all a little curious about the pretty, young boy next to her, but when they saw Ling Lihua had no intention of making introductions, they did not ask any questions either.

Lu Liangwei followed Ling Lihua as she inspected the tents one by one. Whenever Ling Lihua came across a soldier who felt unwell, she would spend some extra time giving him a checkup.

Ling Lihua was concerned about Lu Liangwei; the girl had been on the road for a very long time and she did not want to exhaust her. After she was done checking on one of the soldiers, she led Lu Liangwei back.

“It’s all thanks to you this time, Mother,” Lu Liangwei said sincerely after they left the quarantine zone. If not for her mother taking charge, the frontier would have been thrown into grave danger by this crisis.

“It’s all thanks to you.” Ling Lihua looked at her daughter with a smile and reached a hand out to tuck Lu Liangwei’s hair behind her ear.

“What?” Lu Liangwei gave Ling Lihua a puzzled look.

“You were the one who gave your father and big brother the detoxification pills, which helped me realize that the soldiers did not contract a disease, but were poisoned,” Ling Lihua explained. “I was able to create the antidote very quickly based on the detoxification pill you gave your father. However, it still took quite a long time to cure the soldiers, as a great number of them were poisoned.”

“The soldiers who got the cure shortly after being poisoned have already recovered; they are able to train daily now. The others were in a more serious condition because the cure was delayed for them. Even though the toxin in their bodies has been cleared, it would still take some time for them to recover completely.”

Lu Liangwei understood the situation fully when she heard this.

The men her father had sent to report to the Emperor only mentioned that the soldiers at the frontier were afflicted by poison, not a plague. No other details were given.

“Whatever the case, we’re all indebted to you this time, Mother,” Lu Liangwei said earnestly.

Ling Lihua caressed Lu Liangwei’s cheek. “Weiwei, to be honest, affairs of the country don’t interest me. I am but an ordinary woman. Family is what’s important to me. If it wasn’t for you and your grandmother persuading me, I would have chosen to stay by your side at the imperial capital. And if I was with you during that time, you wouldn’t have faced such great danger.”

When Minister Lin told her that Weiwei had almost…

Ling Lihua regretted her decision so much then.

She had not been by Weiwei’s side when she faced such a crisis.

If only she had never left the imperial capital.

Lu Liangwei knew that the incident during her labor bothered her mother greatly. When she saw Ling Lihua’s eyes rimmed with red, she quickly comforted her. “Mother, it’s all over now. Aren’t I standing here in front of you looking well and healthy? I’m fine now. Really.”

Ling Lihua sighed and held Lu Liangwei’s hand tightly. A smile returned to her face. “Yes, it’s all over now.”

Lu Liangwei let out a breath of relief.

The mother and daughter walked toward the main tent.

A thought suddenly crossed Ling Lihua’s mind and she said, “I’m not the only one to thank for getting the frontier crisis under control so quickly. The physicians from the imperial hospital and the commoner physicians contributed a lot too. You need to inform His Majesty about this so he can reward them.”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “No need to worry, Mother. His Majesty must have already thought about this. Since he is here at the frontier, he would surely want to meet the physicians when he has time later. I don’t need to inform him of such matters.”

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