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Chapter 1244: Marry Her To Give Me A Sister-in-Law

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Chapter 1244: Marry Her To Give Me A Sister-in-Law

“You heard what Father and Mother said yesterday, didn’t you?” Lu Tingchen said, his head pounding slightly.

Lu Liangwei paused for a moment as she recalled what her parents had talked about yesterday and her eyes widened. “You want me to convince Father and Mother to change their mind? But they’re right that you’re at a marriageable age.”

The corner of Lu Tingchen’s lips twitched. “I’m only twenty. There’s no rush to arrange my marriage.”

“But Grandmother and our parents are all anxious about it.” Lu Liangwei looked at him coolly.

Lu Tingchen glared at her. “Are you saying that you won’t help me?”

Lu Liangwei did not want to help him with this at all, but it would damage their relationship if she rejected helping him directly. She could only say, “How do you want me to help? Remember, Father and Mother are serious about it this time.”

“I know, which is why I need your help,” Lu Tingchen said exasperatedly. “Help me convince Grandmother once you return and stop her from introducing me to weird girls.”

“How could Grandmother find weird girls for you? Grandmother would be dejected to hear you say that.” Lu Liangwei did not approve of his words.

“Whatever the case, just don’t let Grandmother find me a girl. I have no intention of getting married anytime soon.” Lu Tingchen was insistent. It was difficult to imagine his grandmother forcing a marriage onto him the moment he returned.

If that were to actually happen, he would prefer to stay at the frontier forever and never go home.

Lu Liangwei seemed to see through his thoughts and her tone softened as she said, “Don’t worry about it, Big Brother. I’ll talk to Grandmother and ask her to give you more time to find a girl you like. But if you still can’t find a girl the next time you return, I don’t think I’ll be able to talk Grandmother out of it again.”

Lu Tingchen felt a little frustrated. “I know.” He would take any chance he had to delay it.

“You should visit the city whenever you’re free, Big Brother, instead of always cooping yourself up in the army camp. I heard that there are many young ladies of mixed Hu and Han descent (TN: Hu refers to the people of Danjue while Han is the people from Great Shang) due to Danjue being nearby. Those girls are tall and exceptionally fair. You could also say they are quite exotic. Go out there and meet a few girls when you have the time. You might meet someone you fancy, then marry her to give me a sister-in-law. That’d be nice,” Lu Liangwei said enthusiastically.

Lu Tingchen knocked her on the head in exasperation. “All you do is let your imagination run wild. It’s getting late and you should be leaving soon. His Majesty is waiting for you.”

Lu Liangwei rubbed the spot where she was hit and stuck out her tongue at him. “Alright.” She had taken only two steps when she remembered something and quickly turned around. “Big Brother, Jiu is still feeling weak, and she won’t be able to handle the trip if she comes with us. I’d prefer for her to stay behind to recuperate before returning to the capital. Please help me take care of her during this time.”

Lu Tingchen frowned. “There are so many people in the army camp. Can’t you get someone else to help?”

“You’re the only one I trust because you’re my big brother.” Lu Liangwei gave him a cheeky smile, but she added more seriously, “Big Brother, Jiu treats me really well and I see her as my big sister. That girl may sometimes be a little awkward but she’s really good at heart. Don’t bully her when I’m not around.”

Lu Tingchen impatiently chased his sister off. “Stop nagging! Are you still planning to leave or not?”

“You haven’t promised me yet.” Lu Liangwei frowned. She wanted him to make the promise verbally before she could leave without worry.

“I understand,” Lu Tingchen replied brusquely, then proceeded to lift her by the collar and carry her away.

“Hey, I’m the Empress! How dare you treat me this way, Lu Tingchen. I’ll complain to His Majesty about this and make sure he punishes you!” Lu Liangwei said in a huff.

“I’m your big brother! How dare you call me by my full name. Where are your manners?”

The siblings continued to argue and, very soon, it was time to say goodbye.

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