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Chapter 1246: How Cold She Felt Then

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Chapter 1246: How Cold She Felt Then

By the time Lu Tingchen made his way over, Ling Lihua was already done diagnosing Chu Jiu. She was not surprised to see Lu Tingchen walk in. She bent over to push Chu Jiu’s hand back under the blanket and tucked her in properly before saying with a sigh, “This lady has been stretched thin and also hasn’t been resting well for a long period of time, which has caused her health to be seriously compromised. Even though her fever is gone, her body is still quite weak. She needs to recuperate slowly to regain her health.”

Lu Tingchen turned to look at her. The candlelight was dim in the tent and the person lying in bed was covered in shadows. She was curled up in a bunch and made quite the pitiful sight.

When this thought crossed Lu Tingchen’s mind, he thought something was wrong with him.

Chu Jiu was strong enough to carry a full-grown man and was in no way a weak woman.

Lu Tingchen was shocked at the thought that had crossed his mind.

“Weiwei told me that this woman has always been dutiful toward her,” Ling Lihua said. “It’s upsetting to see her getting sick. I have quite a lot to handle in the quarantine zone during the day, so, if you have time, please drop by to check on her. Then if anything happens, you will be able to help her in time.” Ling Lihua yawned after saying this.

Lu Tingchen supported his mother’s arm to help her when he saw this and walked her out of the tent. “You’re tired, Mother. You should return and get some rest quickly. I’ll stay here.”

“That sounds good.” Ling Lihua was indeed exhausted, so she returned to her tent.

Lu Tingchen watched her leave before returning to Chu Jiu’s tent.

He planned to go to bed after making sure Chu Jiu was fine.

However, he had just turned away when he heard a weak voice say, “It’s cold…”

Lu Tingchen could only turn back.

The person in the bed was shifting her head about in discomfort. Her body was shivering under the covers while she mumbled about the cold.

Lu Tingchen turned away decisively and ordered his personal guard to deliver two blankets. When they arrived, he took the blankets and draped them over Chu Jiu.

The frontier was a bitter and cold place. It was even more unbearable during winter nights.

While winter had not quite arrived, there was still a huge temperature disparity between morning and night. In addition to that, the tents were not wind-proof, which made it even colder at night.

The camp consisted entirely of men, and they were already used to the condition here, which was why they were fine.

However, for a woman who also happened to be sick, it was a different matter altogether.

Women were by nature weaker than men, and now that she was ill, the situation would be even worse for her.

The night was long, and she would suffer quite a lot.

Chu Jiu was still shivering after Lu Tingchen covered her with the two blankets. He could only ask his personal guard to prepare a brazier for fire.

The environment of the tent improved after the brazier was added to the tent.

There was a thin layer of sweat on Lu Tingchen’s forehead after he was done handling the situation. However, despite his efforts, Chu Jiu was still shivering and he frowned.

When his personal guard noticed this, he offered a rather terrible idea.

“Heir Presumptive Lu, I’ve heard someone say that the best way to get warm is for two people to… hug each other.”

The voice of the personal guard became smaller when Lu Tingchen shot a cold look at him. “Please pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“Get out!” Lu Tingchen was quite angry. How could he make such a joke at a time like this?

The personal guard grimaced and quickly left.

Lu Tingchen shifted the fire in the tent to the front of the bed.

The light from the fire shone on the girl’s snow-white face. Her lips were trembling and it was not difficult to imagine how cold she felt then.

Lu Tingchen walked around the tent a few times. He should not have let his Mother go to bed if he knew this would happen.

If he went to fetch her now, however, his father would be sure to shout at him. Moreover, he could not bear to give his mother trouble.

After all, his mother was quite tired on usual days as well.

However, he could not just leave Chu Jiu here and let her be, could he?

Lu Tingchen was deeply troubled by the situation.

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