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Chapter 1249: 1249 Stifled The Urge

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1249 Stifled The Urge

Perhaps being ill made a person more vulnerable, and with Ling Lihua’s care, the emotional barrier she had maintained up until now started to show signs of collapse.

She lowered her head a little uneasily to avoid showing Ling Lihua how flustered she was.

Ling Lihua knew how she felt, but she tactfully chose not to point it out.

“Get some rest.” She rose to her feet, but seeing that Chu Jiu’s hair was still tied up, she suddenly lifted her hand and pulled out the hair stick securing her updo.

Her silky jet-black hair cascaded down her back, making her face appear even smaller than it already was.

She had always dressed in men’s clothes and worn her hair in a male updo. She had hardly ever let her hair down.

Now with her hair hanging loose, her glacial aura seemed to melt away a little, adding a few touches of gentle beauty to her.

Chu Jiu gaped at Ling Lihua in bewilderment.

Ling Lihua admired her from head to toe, finding her rather lovely with her hair down.

Seeing Chu Jiu staring at her in confusion, she winked and said with a smile, “It’s better to sleep with your hair down. That’ll help to relax your scalp.” She placed the hair stick in her palm, stroked her hair, then finally turned and left.

Chu Jiu stared vacantly at the hair stick in her hand.

Then, she glanced at her undone tresses, unused to the way they fell over her shoulders.

She instinctively wanted to put them up again, but eventually stifled the urge when she remembered Ling Lihua’s words.

This way, maybe she would really get better faster.

Despite her doubts, she no longer bothered herself about her hair and lay down.

It was already late at night, but it was still brightly lit inside Lu Tingchen’s tent.

He was still seated at his table, handling official documents.

Since Lu Hetian and Ling Lihua got back together, Lu Hetian had been handing over all the military camp’s general affairs to Lu Tingchen under the excuse of training him. In actual fact, he just did not want these affairs to take up his time and deprive him of the opportunity to hang out with Ling Lihua.

Lu Tingchen was well aware of his father’s intentions, but he took on the responsibility without complaint.

He had nothing much to do anyway, and he was still young, so he did not mind.

Just then, Xu Chen walked in and advised him, “My lord, it’s already late. It’s time to sleep.”

Lu Tingchen, who was marking the documents with his brush, hummed in response but did not show any intention of getting up.

Xu Chen understood his personality well as he had been by his side since he was a child, so he merely stood aside without urging him any further.

After a good while, Lu Tingchen finally put down his brush and stood up, pinching his brow.

Xu Chen had already prepared water for him.

He walked over and washed his face. A thought came to him, and he asked, “By the way, how was Chu Jiu today?”

“She was fine, but still a little weak. Madam Ling already took her pulse,” answered Xu Chen.

“I see” – was all Lu Tingchen said.

However, when he recalled the image of her shivering last night, he ordered Xu Chen, “It’s cold at night. Bring her an extra blanket.” Xu Chen was on his way out to pour the used water away, and hearing this, he paused for a moment before realizing that the Heir Presumptive was referring to Chu Jiu.

“Right away, my lord.”

Only then did Lu Tingchen head to bed.

When Xu Chen entered Chu Jiu’s tent, she was already asleep.

‘The Heir Presumptive’s so thoughtful,’ he thought to himself, looking at the woman all curled up in bed.

It seemed that she really could not stand the cold.

When Chu Jiu woke up the next day, she discovered an extra blanket on her.

A flurry of mixed emotions arose in her.

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