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Chapter 1260: 1260 Curb His Anger

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1260 Curb His Anger

Chu Jiu was stunned.

He was speaking such sweet words that she found it difficult to continue the conversation.

If she pointed it out to him, he might accuse her of overreacting.

Chu Jiu pursed her lips instead and did not argue with him.

“You’ve already told me your birth secret, so there’s really not much difference in telling me one more piece of information. Hurry up and tell me.” Lu Tingchen tried to coax it out of her.

Chu Jiu realized there was really nothing she could do whenever she faced the Lu siblings.

“The twelfth month of the lunar year,” she said slightly moodily to get him off her back.

However, Lu Tingchen thought about this carefully when he heard the answer. “You were born during the twelfth month of the lunar year and named ‘Ruoxue’. It must have been snowing the day you were born, which was why you were given that name1. What a great name!”

Chu Jiu was taken aback but did not contradict him.

She continued walking forward silently until she heard him say something infuriating. “Ruoxue, Ruoxue. It sounds like crystallized, white snow, but why is your face so dark, Chu Jiu?”

Chu Jiu, “…”

She turned back and darted a look at him, replying sarcastically, “That’s right. My skin is dark and cannot be compared to yours which is much whiter and snowier than a woman’s.” She paused and added angrily, “Pansy!”

Lu Tingchen looked at her in shock and his hands moved to clench her shoulders. He said dangerously, “How dare you speak so impudently?”

Chu Jiu brushed his hands away. “I’m not. I was just praising you.”

Lu Tingchen realized how mean Chu Jiu could be with her words.

He laughed in anger and he poked his fingers into her recently tidied-up hair, tousling it forcefully. After that, he stared at her face and said airily, “Yes, and you look so pretty with a bird’s nest on your head.”

Chu Jiu wanted to take off her shoe and throw it in his face.

“You’re crazy!” She shouted and turned away from him as she marched away.

Lu Tingchen did not run after her when he saw this.

Instead, he strolled over to his mother’s tent.

Ling Lihua sat inside the tent, trying to calm herself down with some tea.

When she saw Lu Tingchen had come over, she looked him up and down with a strange expression on her face.

Lu Tingchen had goosebumps from the intense scrutinization.

He was not as calm on the surface as he expected to be when he recalled how his mother had bumped into that scene between him and Chu Jiu in the tent.

This was even more so when his mother kept shooting him meaningful looks, which made his handsome face burn.

“Mother,” he called out, choosing to ignore the judgmental stare his mother was giving him as he broke the weird silence in the air.

Ling Lihua took a sip of tea and asked, “How did it feel?”

Lu Tingchen was taken aback and gave her a puzzled look. “What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you the one who is supposed to give me the answer?” Ling Lihua crossed her legs and said with a small smile.

When Lu Tingchen saw this, he tried to calm himself down so his face would not be so red. He frowned and said, “You’ve got it wrong, Mother. Nothing happened between me and Chu Jiu.”

“Really?” Ling Lihua was not entirely convinced.

It was difficult to believe nothing had happened between the two of them after witnessing the scandalous scene just now.

“What kind of person do you think I am?” Lu Tingchen sat next to her and continued brusquely, “I will not touch her before she marries into the family.”

Ling Lihua was astonished. “Are you serious?”

“Chu Jiu is a good girl.” Lu Tingchen frowned.

“I know she’s a good girl, but I thought you…” Ling Lihua looked a little suspiciously at her own son.

Lu Tingchen almost threw up blood. “I’m your son. Why would you believe others and not me?”

“Don’t work yourself up, Son. I was just speaking casually.” Ling Lihua looked a little embarrassed and quickly poured him a cup of tea to curb his anger.

Lu Tingchen finished the tea in one gulp and gave the matter some thought. He said very calmly, “Mother, can you please write a letter to Grandmother as soon as possible? Do get her to make preparations. I’d like to take a few days off and return for a visit to the imperial capital.”

Ling Lihua knew what he meant, but she wanted to be sure of it. “Why do you need to go back?”

“To get married.”

“To whom?”

“Chu Jiu.”

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