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Chapter 1275: 1275

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1275 So Close They Could Take In Each Other’s Breath

Lu Tingchen immediately got up when he saw how angry she was. “Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not planning on doing anything to you. I just wanted to be closer to you…”

Chu Jiu flipped over into a seating position. When she looked at the man’s handsome face, it did not diminish her fury, but made her angrier instead.

What did he mean by wanting to get closer to her?

He had already laid down on her bed. This was the act of a hooligan.

A man and a woman being alone together in one room could easily become a source of accusation from others, yet he was doing something like this. What would this make her look like?

“Lu Tingchen, please conduct yourself with some self-respect.”

When he saw that she was genuinely furious, he sighed and got off the bed unwillingly. “Alright.” He quietly made the decision to get married to her as soon as they returned to the imperial capital. Otherwise, Chu Jiu would never allow him anywhere near her.

As he was about to leave, Chu Jiu suddenly called out to him.

Lu Tingchen thought she had changed her mind and he quickly turned back, but he forced himself to look reserved as he casually asked, “Yes?”

“Unseal my internal strength.” Chu Jiu stared at him coolly.

Even though Lu Tingchen was a little disappointed, he went forward as she requested and unsealed her internal strength. He took the opportunity to hold her hand. “Jiu, do you really think I’m a frivolous person? I’m not that sort of man at all. I just sincerely want to marry you. Let’s get married the moment we return to the imperial capital in two days.”

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Chu Jiu pulled her hand away from his and did not reply.

Lu Tingchen took it as silent consent and, in his delight, he promptly bent over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. After that, he left in high spirits.

Chu Jiu was left in a daze.

Her face turned completely red when her mind processed what had just happened. She lifted her sleeve and wiped her moist cheek. Her heart was thumping wildly and it took quite a while for her to calm down.

She was about to get up and pour herself a cup of tea when the entrance to her tent was opened. Lu Tingchen had suddenly decided to come back.

Chu Jiu was flustered by his abrupt return. She did not want him to see her blushing so much, and she quickly turned away from him. She suppressed the frustration she was feeling and said in a stoic voice, “Is there anything else you need?”

Lu Tingchen went up to her while observing her red face. His fingers moved, yearning to touch her.

However, he knew that touching Chu Jiu now would only make her angrier.

This woman was not easy to deal with!

“Jiu…” He suddenly bent down and put his hands on either side of her. His black eyes looked softly into her face.

Chu Jiu was taken aback.

The distance between them was so close they could take in each other’s breath. This made her a little uncomfortable and she leaned backward instinctively, wanting to maintain some distance between them.

“What exactly do you want?” She tried her best to make herself look fierce. Even her voice sounded annoyed. She wanted to force Lu Tingchen to stay further away from her.

What she did not realize was that her petite ears were completely scarlet.

Lu Tingchen looked at her red ears and the look in his eyes deepened. He moved closer to her on purpose and blew into her ear.

Chu Jiu’s body trembled uncontrollably at that moment and she could no longer take the sexual tension in the air. She reached out and pushed him away forcefully.

“Can’t you speak properly?” He should just say what he wanted. Why did he need to get so close?

It took her a great effort to calm her beating heart, which began thumping wildly again after what he had just done.

Every beat felt like her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Lu Tingchen stood up straight and stopped getting closer to her.

He had underestimated how much this woman attracted him. He was worried he would lose control of himself if he got any closer.

His face was slightly hot as well. He coughed lightly and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “I’ve forgotten to tell you that you look stunning in a dress!” With that, he strode out of the tent. He did not dare to look back at her.

He left Chu Jiu sitting there, stunned.

It took her a long moment to snap out of it. She was still blushing. It looked like the world’s most beautiful sunset was painted on her face.

She looked down at the dress she was wearing and her lip pursed. She was thinking that perhaps it was not so bad to wear a dress, after all.


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